Five Readily-Available Products You Should Try

There are a lot of well-kept secrets in the material world and we're going to introduce you to five of them.

Every Friday, I’m compiling a list of five things that meet one criterion. “What is that criterion”, you ask? Well, it’s going to change every week and you’re just going to have to try and keep up.

This week…

Five Readily-Available Products You Should Try

Being informed in the present is underrated. Most people are either wasting time trying to track down the next big thing or they are stuck in the past, unwilling to educate themselves on all the positive things that are happening all around them.

The problems with each of these behaviors are obvious — if you're too busy trying to answer the unanswerable questions, you're going to miss out on five of the greatest secrets of our material world, listed below.

5. Canada Dry Diet Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale

I’ll be honest: regular ginger ale is just all right. Diet ginger ale represented a step in the right direction, as its sugar-free chemistry made it an exceedingly effective digestive aid, but even that wasn’t perfect.

Diet green tea ginger ale is like the Swiss Army knife of beverages – it tastes good, it’s calorie-free, it will settle your stomach, and it is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C. Knock out thirst, the flu, indigestion, and obesity all in one fell carbonated swoop!

4. Topman Oversized Beanies

If you’re like me, you hate that your giant head cannot be contained within a normal, human-sized knit beanie. And if you’re not like me, you just want a nice, warm, roomy beanie that easily covers your head and your ears (I hope you appreciate that tiny skull of yours). Enter: Topman.

In addition to their cavalcade of stylish and affordable men’s clothing, Topman produces some of the best beanies known to man. These accurately described oversized beanies are England’s greatest gift to the world since the 1960s British Invasion.

3. Photojojo Bottle Cap Tripod

All too often, we miss out on great photography opportunities because there is no person, tripod, or level surface around to help us capture a moment in time. This is no longer the case.

Photojojo prides itself on being very do-it-yourself and resourceful when it comes to photography (both in terms of technique and tangible applications) and their Bottle Cap Tripod embodies this philosophy extremely well.

The next time you want to get a shot of yourself during your solo weekend excursion into the woods, don’t worry about finding a trustworthy yeti or a tree with a perfectly formed nook for camera-holding… just grab a bottle and the tiny adapter that will help you remember the past.

2. Trident Xtra Care Chewing Gum

Even if you avoid sugar at all costs, the enamel on your teeth can slowly erode under the stealthy stress of beverages like juice or wine and normal chewing wear-and-tear. How does one combat this long, deliberate destruction? Well, aside from all the normal vigilant hygienic techniques like brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you should consider Trident Xtra Care chewing gum.

Fortified with a milk-based ingredient called Recaldent, Xtra Care has been clinically proven to strengthen teeth and subsequently prevent tooth decay (in a variety of wonderful flavors, no less). I should be a spokesperson for them – I definitely have the gleaming smile for it.

Note: Recaldent – as you would guess from the “milk-based” part of its description – is derived from milk and thus, could be quite dangerous to anyone allergic to milk. If milk can kill you, don’t chew this gum.

1. Flushable Baby Wipes

[I know, I know. I’ll try to keep this brief and clinical.]

Answer me this: when you want to wash your face, do you use a dry washcloth? When you want your hair clean, do you just grab a towel and rub your dry scalp for a few minutes? No. And that’s because the best way to get our bodies (or specific parts of our bodies) clean is with a bit of moisture. See where I’m going with this?

Just give flushable baby wipes a try, for your own sake. Babies know what I’m talking about.

Justin Brown

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