Stephanie Spills the Dirt: 10 Traits Women Love

Stephanie Spills the Dirt: 10 Traits Women Love
Copyright Stephanie Aparicio | Photos by Pepper Negron

Stephanie Spills the Dirt:

10 Traits Women Love

1. Appreciation

Appreciation is REALLY important. We don't mind cleaning up after you, (no matter how clean you think you are, you're not) washing the dishes you left in the sink, or doing your laundry occasionally as long as you let us know you appreciate it and not expect it.

2. Organization

Organization is the foundation to planning and prioritizing one's life. If a guy is unorganized and all over the place, his direction in life is surely just as hectic and his ability to maintain a relationship will be questioned.

3. Observation

Women love to be noticed. A compliment will let her know you notice the little things. A gentleman is interested in things about his girlfriend or wife that he doesn't notice about other women. He likes the way her new shoes look with her dress. He looks forward to seeing what she bought when she went shopping.

4. Drive

A woman appreciates a man who knows what he wants. Persistence is a very attractive quality. Women don't mind seeing men fail at something as long as their drive isn't affected.

5. Intelligence

Women are impressed by a man's intelligence. It is good to know a man can stimulate a woman's mind.

6. Outlook

A positive outlook on life goes along way. A woman wants to be with someone who will always encourage her and not bring her down.

7. Genuine Chivalry

Chivalry is always appreciated. It's hard to find a gentleman that thinks a woman should be treated like a lady who doesn't have ulterior motives.

8. Spontaneity

Adventure will always spice up a woman's life. Remind her to live up the moments.

9. Confidence

There is nothing sexier than to be with a man who is confident about himself. No woman wants to be with a man who has insecurities.

10. Self Maintenance

If a man doesn't care about himself, how can we expect him to care for us? Self Maintenance covers many important things – a man should obviously keep himself clean, with well presented hair, brushed teeth, and great overall hygiene. Attractive men also keep themselves healthy and while we don't expect fitness models, when a man presents himself well in all these aspects it is a great indication of his mindset.

Stephanie Aparicio was born and raised in New Jersey. She is working as a fashion stylist and model in New York and New Jersey. Steph enjoys going out for music and pizza. She lives by Albert Einstein's quote, “A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.” If you wish to contact her visit her at