30 Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

30 Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life
The mad dash begins.

It’s that time of year again: we’re looking forward to the holidays but can’t help getting caught up in the anxiety of gift giving. We know that giving and receiving gifts should be an act of love and empathy that shows how well you know and how much you care about your family and friends. But the reality is, nobody wants to be ‘that guy’ who gives the dud gift and has to watch the recipient squirm while pretending to love it.

Of course, the purpose of gift-giving isn’t just to ask someone what they want and wrap it up for them (although it’s great when you can). Taking the time and care to select your own present is part of the act of showing you’re thinking of them. So when it comes to buying a gift for the women in your life this year start by considering what they really want. What kind of person are they? What do you know they use a lot or enjoy? After all, the gift should reflect the personality and interests of the receiver – not the giver.

We know, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Especially if you’re buying gifts for a whole range of people with different likes and interests to your own. So, to make at least one area of this year’s holiday shopping a little easier, we’ve broken down the best gifts to give to the women you care about. And for those on a budget, they’re in price order.

AURA Hair Perfume

image of a bottle of hair perfume for women

Verishop, $25

Cat Style Pour Over Coffee Brewer

image of a white porcelain cat style pour over coffee brewer

Amazon, $26

Travel Journal

image of a black travel journal notebook

Papier, $22

Your Personal Night Sky

image of a personal night sky gift

The Night Sky, $50+

Sephora Best Sellers Set

image of beauty products gift set

Sephora, $54

Anahata Yoga Mat

image of a green multi colored yoga mat

Shakati Warrior, $55

Pink Ice Globe Facial Massager

image of pink ice globe shaped face massager

Aceology, $64

House Plant

image of a potted house plant

The Sill, $75

Tone and Lift Facial Roller

image of a tone and lift facial roller beauty product

MZ Skin, $89

Pajama Set

image of a women wearing a printed pajama set

Free People, $78

Designer Watch Strap

image of a pink watch strap and a black watch face

Michael Kors, $64

Honeycomb Wine Rack

image of a gold honeycomb shaped wine rack with wine bottles in the rack

Verishop, $81

Swarovski Jewelry Holder

image of a gold jewelry holder

Swarovski, $90


image of a tabletop fire pit

FLIKR Fire, $99

UGG Disquette Slippers

image of a purple ugg slipper

UGG, $100

Electric Breakfast Station

image of an electric breakfast station maker

Amazon, $130

Winter Sweater

image of a brown turtle neck long sleeve sweater

Everlane, $150

Crystal Wall Hanging

image of a crystal decor item

Ariana Ost, $150

Cozy Cashmere Blanket

image of a cashmere blanket

Bodena, $154

Drink Subscription Box

image of a gift box drink subscription box

Crate Joy, $55+

Travel Backpack

image of a black travel backpack

Columbia, $175

Polaroid Printer

image of a polaroid printer

Polaroid, $142

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

image of rose gold headphones

Beats by Dre, $200

Etched Gold Earrings

image of etched gold hoop earrings

Aerin, $220

Beautiful Linen Bedding

image of a white linen bedding set

Amour Linen, $225

Bluetooth Record Player

image of a bluetooth record player

Amazon, $230

Kobo Safe E-Reader

image of a digital electronic reader device

Kobo Books, $260

The North Face Puffer

image of a white puffer jacket for women

The North Face, $260

Status Anxiety Leather Bag

image of a black leather purse bag

Status Anxiety, $290

Designer Sunglasses

image of black designer square frame sunglasses

Macy's, $291

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