Get 60% Off J.Crew’s Unstructured Linen-Cotton Suit Ringing Up at $109 + More Picks

Get 60% Off J.Crew’s Unstructured Linen-Cotton Suit Ringing Up at $109 + More Picks
Great summer style doesn't have to be hot – or expensive.

Summer. When a man’s fancy turns to thoughts of… air conditioning. Your nice work shirt gets so drenched on your commute, it’s practically transparent. And even if you work at home, at some point you’ll have to wipe the Cheeto dust off your sweatpants, clean yourself up, and endure the hot weather this summer while dressed to impress. There are nice dates to go on. Outdoor functions to attend. But you dread being stuffed in a suit in the excruciating heat – and it’s not such a good look, either.

Don’t sweat it, because right now you can get 60% off J. Crew’s Ludlow cotton-linen summer suit

Linen is the ultimate summer fabric because it’s thinner and highly breathable. This suit is unstructured, meaning it has very minimal lining on the inside. Compared to your traditional wool suit (which has more of a canvas and thicker padding in the shoulders), this un-padded linen suit has a more airy, casual look and drapes in a more relaxed way. This is a customer favorite that J. Crew calls the “Un-suit” because it can be dressed down in many more ways than a regular suit – in case you want to look good for occasions far more casual than job interviews or weddings (Catalina Wine Mixer anyone?). You’ll also feel the difference because it’s lighter and easier to move in (in case you want to do karate in the garage).  

We love the slim-fit cut of this suit – the jacket’s trimmer fit makes for a more modern silhouette. The pants sit just below the waist, and they’re slimmer around the hip and thighs, with a narrower leg. 

The jackets and pants are sold as separates – so pick up just the jacket if you’d like, and pair it with your favorite khakis to class it up without being too stiff, or lighten up your slacks with the summery feel and functionality of linen. Get the pants as a stylish alternative to all the trousers and jeans that are too heavy to wear right now (grown men don’t have to be relegated to just shorts all summer!). Or, suit up with the whole set for just over $100. Keep it simple and breezy with a lightweight tee, a short-sleeve polo, or a poplin button-down.    

For more details and tips on the linen, including how to care for it, check out our Complete Guide to Linen – although, if there’s one suit you never have to worry about getting wrinkled, it would be this one, since linen looks even better when it’s a little rumpled. You’re also into things that are light, low-maintenance, and easy on the wallet? Did we just become best friends?? 

You can pick up your slim-cut cotton-linen suit on J. Crew’s website (using their promo code “SALEAWAY”). 

And check out the rest of their summer favorites at 60% off here. 

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