Everlane’s “Choose What You Pay Sale”: This is Not a Drill

everlane sale

It’s like choose your own adventure, but with chinos and cashmere sweaters.


Have you ever gotten excited about a much-hyped sale…only to find out that it wasn’t much of a bargain? Odd colors, sizes on either extreme of the chart, weird silhouettes?

Well, this is an Everlane sale, and that means you’re getting some of the brand’s staple pieces for a fraction of the price.

And you get to choose that fraction. Depending on the item, you’ll get 10, 20, or even 50% off the original retail price. Want the best savings? Choose the deepest discount. Want to fund future product development? Choose a slightly higher price (that’s still a major chunk off of retail).

If it seems a little unusual that a brand is telling you exactly what you’re paying for…well, Everlane is a little unusual. Sitting at the cross-roads of affordable, stylish, and ethical, the brand is committed to making timeless, classic wardrobe essentials—and being completely up-front with customers about what goes into making their favorite T-shirts.

This “radical transparency” translates into good-looking clothes you can feel good about wearing. And the Choose What You Pay sale is a good opportunity to try the brand on for size. It’s not every day that you can get a cashmere sweater for $98 or a pair of slim-cut chinos for $34…and know that the person who made them is also making a living wage.

So what’s the catch? The sale only lasts as long as the items are in stock…so start shopping.

What did you score from the sale? Share your favorites in the comments.

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