Deal Picks: 30-60% Off Mid-Century Modern Couches Right Now Through Sunday At Macy’s

30-60% Off Mid-Century Modern Couches Right Now Thru Sunday At Macy’s: Our Picks

We tested a selection of deeply discounted and stylish sofas so you can snag a fantastic deal fully informed.

macys mid-century

Lodie 90″ Sofa, $399 $999

Tester’s notes: Clean lines and simple styling make this piece a blank slate. You could dress it up with a throw and pillows or let be simple and unadorned. Sit is unremarkable and firm. While some other sofas in this sale don’t feel like their price, the Lodie definitely reminds your back and butt: “Hey, what do you want from me? I’m a $400 sofa…”

macys jolene

Jollene 78″ Fabric Sofa, $699 $999

Tester’s notes: Gorgeous woven blue fabric and maple legs look as good in person as they do in  photos. Sit is soft but not unsupportive. Tall people beware: the back is a bit low for extended movie-watching-level support. The cushions are plush but don’t feel like they have staying power.

Cistella 86″ Fabric Sofa, $699 $1,149

Tester’s notes: Surprisingly comfortable for the shape. Seen in the gray fabric, which has some texture but is otherwise unremarkable. The yellow would definitely up this piece’s wow factor.

Brenata 92″ Fabric Sofa $1,149

Tester’s notes: While not mid-century modern, the most well-rounded of the pieces tested: long enough for laying out, soft enough for relaxing, supportive enough for extended movie watching. If you can stand to look at it, a heck of a sub-$500 sofa.

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