Deal: This $100 Suit Will Kill It at All of the Summer Weddings You Have to Go to

jcrew factory thompson chino suit

It may be snowing in parts of the country still, but summer will be, thankfully, soon upon us. And summer means weddings. And summer weddings mean roasting through an outdoor ceremony in your heavy wool suit.

That is unless you've got yourself a chino cotton summer suit. But heck, who has the funds for a casual summer suit? Well anybody that acts quick on J.Crew Factory's sale on their Thompson chino suit that's ringing up right now at only $100 which is 64% off.

Available in 4 colors khaki, green, navy, and muslin (our preferences in order), the Thompson chino suit receives high praise from sharp-dressed, budget-conscious men across the internet. The 2% elastane offers stretch, meaning your famed wedding dance moves won't be hampered. One Redditor chimed in last year, “I bought this chino suit a few years ago and I love it. Wore it for formal work occasions during the summer.”

Now, to be clear, this is definitely a summer suit. If you don't have a more traditional multi-season suit yet, this shouldn't be your first. Instead invest in something wool that will work for weddings, job interviews, funerals, and more in a shade of gray or navy. (Just don't buy a black suit.)

The jacket would also work great with jeans for all those summer networking events you're finally going to commit to going to.

The suit is sold as separates and can be picked up here: J.Crew Factory Thompson Flex Chino Suit Jacket and J.Crew Factory Thompson Flex Chino Suit Pants.

And check out the rest of the 40-60% off sale items too.

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