These Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are the Cheapest of the Year – Red Wing, Wolverine, Allen Edmonds, more

Deal Picks:
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This pre-sale has some of the lowest prices of the year we've seen on Red Wing, Wolverine Allen Edmonds, and more.

What a week for our wallets. Two of the biggest non-Black Friday shopping sales of the year, first Prime Day, and now Nordstrom's annual Anniversary Sale.

Unlike a majority of sales which are clearance based and attempting to flush out unsold inventory, the Anniversary Sale is a pre-season sale: Deep discounts on new items for the upcoming season. This makes it unique for a number of reasons. First, you're not buying old or discontinued styles. Second, at the start of the sale there's a wider selection of sizes, a saving grace for any guy who wears either rarely filled fringe sizing or the guy who wears the most common sizes, both groups who don't get to benefit from big sales often.

We've scoured over 25 pages of the sale to pull out the top deals you should jump on now. But don't wait, some of our picks have sold out in the time we chose them to published them.

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