Deal Picks: Save Up to 50% at Peter Manning NYC!

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One of my favorite jackets, the Peter Manning NYC Field Jacket is on sale for $158

Save Up To 50% on Select Items for Not-So-Tall Guys:

The brand for men 5’8” and under is having their limited-time annual winter sale – don’t miss out. In my experience, their line is perfect for any guy who doesn't fit the cookie-cutter off-the-rack sizing most stores offer: At my towering 5'10”, I find the proportions to be more reflective of my body shape. Sleeves and inseams fit better. Collar sizes have a better size ratio.  Special thanks to Peter Manning NYC for partnering with us on this deal post.

Here are our picks:

There are 30 million guys in America 5’8” and under. If you’re one of them, the struggle to find well-fitting style is all too familiar: jacket sleeves that cover the hands, pants that bunch at the hem, collars with too much room. But the biggest problem is that for many men, these items can’t be tailored to the degree needed because the result is wonky and looks out of proportion.

By most measures, the average American male is, in fact, five foot nine inches tall. But you wouldn’t know that looking at Fashion Week runways for major menswear designers – according to the New York Better Business Career Services website, the desired height for male models is 5’11” to 6’2”.

Hardly representative, don’t you think?

Take a look at menswear catalogs and you’ll see a wealth of big and tall options for the altitudinally and circumferentially-gifted. There are a lot of reasons for this, but a big one is an implicit association between stature and power. “Big and tall” might evoke the Men’s Warehouse at your local strip mall but size still connotes strength.

It’s as if men’s brands think – or want you to think – the most under-served demographic are either collegiate volleyball or rugby players.

Now, this isn’t to say tall guys and big guys don’t struggle to find well-fitting style. They do. But it definitely feels like the focus is only on them, and no attention paid to the less-than-tree-like guy who wants to dress well.

Meeting The Not-As-Tall Man’s Need

As a high school kid, I remember going to Sears or JC Penny and seeing a handful of brands in a handful of sizes – S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Thankfully, that era has ended.

The internet has broken the grip major department stores used to have on menswear distribution, and as a result, guys of all different body types can find quality style built for them.

The man standing 5’8” or less is, in fact, the whole reason Peter Manning NYC exists.

Peter Manning NYC is a premier clothing brand designed exclusively for not-as-tall guys, created by its eponymous founder Peter Manning after decades of struggling to find quality American style for his more modest frame.

Manning wanted to ensure less-than-tall guys could find a classic, sharp look and no longer deal with, well, this:

Peter Manning founder standing next to model

Right: Founder Peter Manning

The result is a full range of New York-inspired menswear created exclusively for shorter men: pants, shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweaters, outerwear and even suits. You could burn your entire wardrobe (save your underoos) and rebuild anew with Peter Manning.

Not that you should. But you could.

Off-The-Rack Fit: Feel Better, Save Money

A big focus for the designers at Peter Manning is eliminating the “tailor tax” many shorter guys face when buying clothes. If you’ve ever found a shirt, jacket, or pair of pants that looked great and fit well in one way but not in another you know what I mean – do you buy and tailor, or pass?

Tailoring is great for a select piece or two but applied to an entire outfit, and the cost of alterations can dwarf the investment in the outfit itself.

At the core of Peter Manning’s attack on the tailor tax is their proprietary size system. While pants follow standard sizing conventions (they simply offer far more options in smaller inseams), they’ve developed a system for shirts, sweaters, and jackets that accounts for both height and weight. Check it out here (scroll down for the sizing tool).

Achieving a better off-the-rack fit will not only help you feel confident and well-styled, it will save money in the long term.

New Year, New Style Opportunities

‘Tis the season of self-reinvention, and nowhere is that more visible – and quickly achieved – than style.

Peter Manning is wise to this fact, and are offering up to 50% off select items to less-than-tall guys ready to finally be tailored to, instead of having to pick up the slack themselves.

In addition to the 50% off winter promotion, Peter Manning NYC offers standard, free shipping, easy returns, and personal service (Manning himself has been known to answer emails).

If you’re one of the 30 million and looking to upgrade your style with a fresh, well-fitting look – check out Peter Manning today – the sale is only on until January 31.

Are you a non-standard size? Share your trials, tips, and tricks below!

Click here to shop the sale. 

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