Small Talk Ammo: When to Drink Coffee for Max Productivity, The Best Superhero Video Game Ever Made Was Just Released, & The RIGHT Way to Squeeze an Avocado

Small Talk Ammo: When to Drink Coffee for Max Productivity, The Best Superhero Video Game Ever Made Was Just Released, & The RIGHT Way to Squeeze an Avocado
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  1. Who actually wrote the 1965 Beatles hit “In My Life”? Its true authorship has long been a point of contention, as even the actual members of the band can’t seem to agree. But now, a mathematician believes he has cracked the code.
  2. SOCIAL SKILL: Panic attacks can happen anywhere and at work, they can be doubly debilitating. This guide from Fast Company offers some tips that will help understand and deal with these episodes (they’re also useful if you ever need to calm yourself down before a stressful interview, presentation, or event).
  3. They’re not just for spooky Halloween scenes anymore – crows are incredibly intelligent and as of a few weeks ago, they’re hard at work, shaming human litterbugs in a French theme park.
  4. Science might be this week’s biggest buzzkill because a recent major study revealed that there is no “healthy” amount of alcohol consumption for human beings. Congratulations, teetotalers!
  5. Do you know the best place part of an avocado to squeeze in order to determine whether or not it’s ripe? You do now.
  6. If you have regularly disagreed with Rotten Tomatoes scores, you may soon be in for a welcome surprise, as the site’s stable of approved critics was recently expanded to represent a much more diverse group of voices and tastes.
  7. For the many warnings that accompany an abundance of air pollution (including the recent revelation that it can inhibit solar power), here’s a new and terrifying one: it might be making us dumber.
  8. Last month, we learned that the oft-celebrated low carb diet may not be as healthy as previously believed. This month, it’s all about how a wheel of cheese can shield you from death (in a manner of speaking).
  9. One uncommon solution to prevent the spread of devastating wildfires? Four-legged firefighters with horns who work for free.
  10. According to a new time-management and productivity book written by two former Google employees, you may be drinking your morning coffee at the wrong time.
  11. Regardless of your preferred cell phone brand, this video from Wired explains how each new version of the iPhone will always impact your smartphone choices.
  12. Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, you need to take a moment and behold this beautiful goal by Italian footballer Fabio Quagliarella from multiple angles.
  13. This is a monumental week for the Playstation brand, between the release of the much-anticipated Spider-Man game for Playstation 4 (which, according to some, is the best superhero video game ever made) and Sony Japan finally ending repair services for the Playstation 2 (the best-selling console of all-time) after 18 years.
  14. There are many reasons that The Shining was, is, and always will be one of the scariest movies of all-time but an underappreciated reason for the movie’s terrifying impact on the audience? The artistry behind how it was shot.

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