Small Talk Ammo: “History’s Most Amazing Photo,” A Video from the Surface of an Asteroid, & The Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth

Small Talk Ammo: “History’s Most Amazing Photo,” A Video from the Surface of an Asteroid, & The Loch Ness Monster on Google Earth
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  1. It’s easy to grab a fully cooked rotisserie chicken from the store for dinner. It’s far harder to come up with interesting ways to use that leftover meat. Until now, that is!
  2. While the evidence is far from conclusive, it looks like the Loch Ness Monster has been captured in an image on Google Earth.
  3. If you’ve ever struggled to let go of a grudge, don’t blame yourself — it’s a feature in all human DNA. The good news: you can now understand those destructive urges and rise above them.
  4. Major League Baseball playoffs are underway and if you want to try to get a leg up on predicting winners, you may benefit from analyzing each team’s bullpen rather than their starting rotation.
  5. Choosing the same route every time you go jogging certainly has its perks, but there are countless advantages (both physical and psychological) to regularly changing up your running course.
  6. If you want to honor the thousands of horses and ponies used in British coal mines for three centuries, the most fitting tribute is obviously a giant topographic sculpture which can only be appreciated from a great height.
  7. The first live-action Aquaman movie will be in theaters soon, so now is a great time to read up on the woman who drew the character in the 1950s and helped make him the icon he is today.
  8. 35 years ago, the world nearly collapsed into all-out nuclear catastrophe. What stopped it? One Soviet man with a gut feeling.
  9. SKILL: When things get busy, delegation is usually the only way to ensure that you stay sane and that work gets done on time. Use these tips from entrepreneurs to get comfortable delegating and to do it the right way.
  10. In what could prove to be a major decision for all businesses going forward, Amazon has announced that they will be raising their minimum wage for all US workers to $15 per hour, starting next month.
  11. Anyone who has lived through a serious hurricane knows that power outages are not only generally unavoidable, but can be the most dangerous consequence of the storm. Thankfully, the sun may save us all.
  12. Did you know birds, bats, and bugs often show up on radar? They do! And there’s a complicated system required to distinguish which is which.
  13. Is this photo of the August 2017 solar eclipse (taken from a window seat on a Southwest flight!) the most amazing photo of all time? Many people seem to think so.
  14. For most of us, Golf Digest is just the last magazine left in the dentist’s waiting room. But for one man wrongfully convicted of murder, the periodical represented peace and eventually, a stunning release from prison.
  15. It may not be Mars, but multiple Japanese rovers recently landed on an asteroid in space. They're sending back some astounding photographs of the alien terrain.
  16. If you’ve ever watched Breaking Bad or read up on bizarre political assassinations from history, you’ve heard of ricin, a highly potent toxin. What you might not know is that it’s even scarier than you already think.
  17. Three years ago, scientists decided that brontosaurus was actually a distinct species of dinosaur (and not, as previously believed, a misidentified apatosaurus). This year? We learn that brontosaurus also had an bigger cousin out there, all along.
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