Small Talk Ammo: First Look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker & Marvel’s First Female-Led Superhero Film Gets a Trailer

Small Talk Ammo: First Look at Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker & Marvel’s First Female-Led Superhero Film Gets a Trailer
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  1. Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios’ first female-led superhero film and the much-anticipated first trailer arrived this week! And if you weren’t aware that this movie is set in the 90s, there are several reminders throughout this teaser, including a young Samuel L. Jackson.
  2. The writer-director of the new Joker film Todd Phillips (yes, the same guy who did The Hangover and Old School) released our first look of Joaquin Phoenix in makeup.
  3. After being owned by only one company for nearly a century, Time Magazine has been sold for the second time in nine months, this time to a cloud software company for $190 million.
  4. We say it countless times, everyday. But do you know the origin of the word “ok”? You’re about to!
  5. Do you love Arby’s? Do you want to advertise that love on your body and in return, get free sandwiches for life? I have good news for you!
  6. It’s not exactly a state secret that a lot of men tend to make the same face in all their selfies. But why? And how can we improve? An expert unpacks exactly why this neutral expression is the default and if you need some suggestions as to how you can shake up your selfies, here’s a good bunch of tips from male models.
  7. If you have an Android device, you may be interested to know that Google is collecting information about you and your location even when your phone isn’t being used at all. (And non-Android users aren’t safe, either.)
  8. The parts required for an awesome and easy method of making fresh meat skewers for your next tailgate party: a plastic bottle, an aluminum can, and a small piece of PVC pipe.
  9. A man in the UK recently set a scuba diving world record. Why is this relevant? Well, he is a 95-year-old World War 2 veteran.
  10. SOCIAL SKILL: smartphones and unconventional workspaces are just two of the reasons that our ability to stay focused has been decimated in recent years but these 9 habits can train your attention span to expand and help you get work done.
  11. Though it’s still a few years away from happening, Space X has announced the identity of the first private passenger who will travel around the moon. Spoiler: it’s (sadly) not Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  12. With school back in session, you might want to consider incorporating this cleverly modified font to make your term papers look over 10% longer.
  13. After years of complaints, Twitter has finally given its users what they wanted (and what they offered in the first place): a simple, reverse chronological timeline.
  14. There are countless benefits to keeping your bed looking and feeling clean with freshly laundered linens and with this 5-minute tutorial, you no longer can argue that it takes too long.
  15. Hurricane Florence was one of the worst tropical storms to ever hit the Carolinas and though it has mercifully come and gone, its effects will be felt in the region for a long time. If you’re able, please consider donating to one of the several organizations helping the affected communities in their recovery efforts.
  16. The New York Public Library has started a program which will lend professional fashion accessories like ties and purses to anyone, young and old, who is preparing for a big job interview, audition, or other formal events for which they aren’t quite prepared. (And if you want to donate, just contact the Riverside branch!)
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