Small Talk Ammo: The Big News Out of Comic-Con, Fake Ferraris, Storing Wine On Its Side, & Skiing Down K2

Small Talk Ammo: The Big News Out of Comic-Con, Fake Ferraris, Storing Wine On Its Side, & Skiing Down K2
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  1. The annual San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and we were inundated with news and trailers covering everything from the new Godzilla movie to Star Trek to a Steven King-inspired Hulu series to Shazam. (And if you’re more into cosplay, don’t worry — there was plenty of magical work on display.)
  2. A mysterious ancient Egyptian sarcophagus made out of black granite was discovered several weeks ago. What was inside? The body of Alexander the Great? Untold fortune? A horrible curse? Well, archaeologists finally cracked it open and the contents surprised (and somewhat repulsed) everyone.
  3. Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible franchise have become the new standard bearers for impressive blockbuster stunts and the series’ sixth film Fallout (out this weekend) is the most ambitious to date, with five astonishing death-defying action sequences.
  4. To accommodate their deaf and hard-of-hearing customers, Starbucks is opening a first-of-its-kind “signing store” which will not only be staffed exclusively by employees proficient in American Sign Language but will also incorporate unique design features to help make the location as functional as possible for its visual communicators.
  5. SOCIAL SKILL: Want to learn how to speed read? All you need is a couple of index cards.
  6. Why do we store wine on its side? To save space? To keep the cork from drying out? Does this technique actually serve any purpose? You may want to have a drink before you find out the answer.
  7. It’s Shark Week! Did you know you might actually have shark on your skin right now?
  8. No single person has ever thrown out the first pitch at all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums but that might change very soon. The champion chasing down this dream? An 8-year-old girl with a robotic arm.
  9. Shinobu Hashimoto passed away this week and though his name may not be world-famous, every modern film fan owes him gratitude and respect. This profile by Criterion illustrates the long and monumental life of the man who worked as the screenwriter for some of the most influential Akira Kurosawa classics and whose creative legacy is still visible in everything from Star Wars to The Magnificent Seven.
  10. K2 is arguably the most dangerous mountain on Earth but that didn’t bother Polish daredevil Andrzej Bargiel, who just became the first person in history to ski down from the treacherous summit.
  11. Saving Private Ryan was released 20 years ago this week. Here’s nine remarkable facts about the classic Steven Spielberg war film.
  12. Remember the Ferrari that Ferris Bueller stole and subsequently destroyed during his day off? One of the three vehicles used in the film could soon be yours! Though not a real 1961 Ferrari 250GT California, you can still expect to pay a pretty price for this ultra rare replica from Hollywood history.
  13. Wild Canadian Lynx are very elusive and like to keep to themselves, particularly when humans are around. Which makes the bond established between the cat named “Mad Max” and a cameraman over the course of two months all the more extraordinary.
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