Look for Less: Ryan Reynolds in Rome

Ryan Reynolds has been jet setting all over the world in recent weeks on a press tour for Deadpool 2, which comes out this week. He posted a few photos while he was in Rome dressed in a Getup we found to be easy to pull off, but expertly assembled.  It strikes the right balance of casual, professional, classic and fashionable – no easy task as any guy staring blankly into a closet knows, but an essential one for the myriad events and obligations an actor will find himself involved in while doing a press tour.

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Ryan makes some smart swaps to a standard business casual style. If we reduce the look to its foundation, it's just chinos and a dress shirt. Easily paired with suede desert boots and a blazer. But instead, the blazer is benched in favor of a bomber jacket, a look that is still trim and tailored but changes the overall style from business meeting to fashion-forward casual.

Swapping suede desert boots for suede high top sneakers keeps the color palette the same, but adds a casual edge.

Though the outfit is casual, the dark glasses, shirt, belt, watch, and bracelet create a grounded appropriateness for evening events in a way a lighter shirt and accessories wouldn't.

Notice his choice of opting for the “air tie” look of buttoning his collar without wearing a tie. Some folks certainly have strong negative opinions on the trend, and it may not be for everyone. Here, I think it nicely adds a more dressed up feeling that balances some of the other casual elements.

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  • Reply May 13, 2018


    A nice way of introducing new Getups from a different direction. Even though I’ve found my taste different (drastically in some cases) with the celebrity crowd. It nice to get a feel for what’s still relevant and different ways to wear those items. Myself, I’m more of a jeans guy. Still trying to jump on the chinos bandwagon. I did however want to get your opinion on a couple of pairs of jeans to see which one would byou best to buy for a dark versatile pair of denim. Levi’s 514 in Rigid Envy:


    And the Fidelity Denim In Revolution Rinse:


    Just not sure if the Rigid Envy wash will stay consistent or if it will begin to fad like Raw Selvedge jeans do over time. Any opinion you can offer on this would be awesome!

    • Reply May 13, 2018


      Hey Ross! Both look like great options. All dark denim will fade over time, unfortunately. Between these two I would choose based on price and whether or not you need to take advantage of Zipfit’s tailoring options.

  • Reply May 14, 2018

    Zac Silk

    I saw this exact look a few days ago and screenshoted for inspiration. I guess great minds think alike.

    The greatness of the getup me comes form simplicity and stuff that can be picked up from almost anywhere. But what really sets it apart from me is that Ryan is taking basics, a bomber and chinos and putting his own spin on them.

    I’ll refinitly be replicating this look once I’ve added a navy bomber to my wardrobe.

  • Reply May 18, 2018

    Justin Pratt

    Any idea what the actual shoes are? I haven’t been able to figure that out… Thanks!

    • Reply May 18, 2018


      Unfortunately no, I wasn’t able to find any information on them. I dig them!

  • Reply May 21, 2018

    bill hawkins

    Would work with a Harrington instead of the bomber, but go for boots not sneakers. Sneakers are for the gym.

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