A Collection of Awesome Primer Posts from 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss

A Collection of Awesome Primer Posts from 2018 You Don’t Want to Miss
A look back before taking on the year ahead.

This year marked the beginning of our celebration of Primer's 10th anniversary – an incredible milestone I'm honored to share with all of you. I can't tell you how thankful I am for your years or support and contribution to the community. Click the link below to watch our birthday message, and stay tuned for more 10th anniversary features. To 10 more years and beyond! – Editor & Founder Andrew Snavely

Primer is 10 Years Old! A Personal Message from Andrew

What is Smart Casual? Primer’s Complete Guide

The 12 Best Stores for Affordable Men's Fashion for the Guy on a Budget

The 12 Best Stores for Affordable Men’s Fashion For The Guy on a Budget

The Four Flaws Keeping You From Fitness: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Avoiding Self-Sabotage

Now that my side hustle is just my hustle (I went full-time freelance in 2018), time management and prioritizing aren’t just nice skills to have–they’re necessary to stay on schedule without working around the clock. I hope at least one of these tips will help you make the most of your time in 2019! – Primer Editor Ali Zagat

13 Bulletproof Tricks for Finding Time for Your Side Hustle

The Ultimate Bag of Dirty Tricks for Salary Negotiation

How Everyday Clothing Was Influenced by Military Style: A Visual Timeline

5 Promises Every Modern Guy Should Make to Himself

Scrubbing Your Social Media Clean: How Your Digital Self Might Be Stopping You From Getting Hired

Recreate This Room: This Primer Reader’s Drool-Worthy Living Room is Inspiring and Shoppable

Live Action Getup: Crushing Monday

9 Menswear Myths Debunked

The Brands of Bond

Universal, practical, and designed to outsmart those interview questions we all fear, Gordon's guide is full of insight from an industry insider – Primer Editor Stillman Brown

The Seven Deadly Job Interview Questions (And How To Beat Each One)

The Millennial’s Guide to Philosophy: Sartre

The Millennial’s Guide to Philosophy: Kierkegaard

The 10 Best Field Jackets

How to Crack an Egg with One Hand Like a Short Order Cook

We’ve Only Been Dating for 3 Months – Now It’s Valentine’s Day, What Should I Do?

Free Art Printable: Minimalist Military Alphabet – Infinitely Scalable

Minimalist Style: Dress Better With Less Effort + 5 Complete Getups For Inspiration!


5 Options for Your First Nice Pair of Dress Shoes

Fall Getup Week: How to Style Your Favorite Rugged Fall Threads

The 10 Best Grooming Tips from Queer Eye Expert Jonathan Van Ness

Live Action Getup: It's Not Spring Just Yet

You Didn’t Get the Promotion: Now What? 3 Options For Moving On When You Can’t Move Up

My 5 Favorite Pairs of Jeans Right Now

The 10 Best Whiskies Under $50 That Don't Start With Jack, Jim, Johnnie, or Jameson

Beyond Ikea: A Visual Guide to Loving Scandinavian Interior Design

What’s The Difference Between Eau de Toilette and Cologne?

Look for Less: Ryan Reynolds in Rome

The Best Affordable Dive Watches Most Under $250

Live Action Getup: Never Tell Me The Odds

The 5 Best Leather Briefcases

How To Rock A Rented Tux

25 Men's Style Terms Every Menswear Nerd Should Know

Budget / Basic / Broke: Upgrade From Your College Guitar to a Lifetime Instrument at Every Price Point

8 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Start Writing Your Resume

Travel Messing Up Your Gym Routine? Try These 3 On-The-Road Workouts

The Amazon Outfit: Summer Weekend Road Trip

5 Things to Listen to When Trying to Work, Study, and Focus

Our Very First Reader Getup: Zac Silk! + Submit Your Own to Be Featured!

3 Tricks for Making Summer Outfits Out of Your Favorite Fall Looks

Fall Getup Week: The Modern Minimalist

What to Wear to Work When It’s Hot – A Complete Guide

A Barista’s 4 Fundamentals to Making Better Coffee at Home

My New Favorite Album is from 2015 But Sounds 50 Years Old

Advanced Style Tip: Learning to See The Details That Define Great, Simple Summer Style

Beat Your Grill Insecurity and Impress Your Guests with These Tips from Top Chefs

You Won’t Believe This Road Trip Is In America + 4 Getups & Travel Vlog!

Spruce Up Your Home Bar With These 6 Free Vector Cocktail & Alcohol Patents

Live Action Getup: Ditching the Stuffy Suit

Recreate This Room: The Neutral Living Room

How to Style a Navy Blazer + Our Picks

5 Simple Magic Tricks to Blow Your Niece’s Mind and Melt Your Girlfriend’s Heart + Videos!

These 7 Complete Getups Prove You Can Pull Off a Brown Leather Jacket

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