What We Want – No. 2: Spring

All the things we'd buy if words like “budget” and “responsible” weren't in our vocabulary.

A watch sitting on top of a wooden table

Orient Bambino 4, $195 / Like that belt? You can make one just like it with our leather belt DIY!

send umbrella

Senz “Smart” Stormproof Umbrella, $65 – Aerodynamically engineered to withstand weather up to 63 miles per hour. They maxed out wind tunnels and even jumped out of an airplane while designing it.

A pen sitting on top of a wooden table

Lamy 2000 fountain pen, $116 – Considered to be one of the finest fountain pens at the $100 price point. (image source)

Tagsmith wallet

Tagsmith leather money clip wallet, $54 – American tanned bridle leather with a nickel-plated spring bar money clip

A dining room table in front of a window

This apartment 😭

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