What We Want – No. 1: Winter Wanterland

Primer   What We Want No.1   Winter Wanterland
What We Want   Winter Wanterland   Primer


Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here. And with the cold, freezing rain, and ice come challenges to looking and feeling your best that your regular wardrobe may not be up to. As part of our brand new What I Want series, we’re bringing you regular intel on the best gear we have our eye on. It may not be cheap, but it's guaranteed to be stylish, useful, and top quality.

Our inaugural roundup isn’t just about adapting to the frozen temps – this gear enables you go forth and thrive in the coldest months of the year. Check out the winter gear below:

Leather Jacket

Schott horsehide Perfecto jacket – New, $800 / Used, $200+ – photo

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