The Getup: Heat Wave

It was 50 degrees yesterday, 100 today.

men's summer style - black shorts patterned short sleeve shirt espadrilles

mossimo tshirt cotton on patterned shirt oars and alps deodorant timex waterbury soludos leather charging wallet sungait sunglasses gap linen shorts The Getup by Primer

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  • Tyler

    Never seen anything from Cotton On. Anyone have experience?

    Andrew do you know the wallpaper from that iPhone?

    Thanks! Great work

    • Joost

      The wallpaper is from Cesar Lopez Rivadeneira

    • James Thomson-Sakhrani

      There’s one in my neck of the woods. Not all bad stuff, but I find it runs a bit small. Might be that I’m in Asia, but I find their patterns and designs can be a bit much at times. For the price, I wouldn’t be too picky with it though.

  • Zac Silk

    I really like espadrilles but I’ve never tried them before. But like Tyler said great work Andrew. I’d also like to know where the iPhone wallpaper is from it looks minimal but also really sleek.

    The Nomad charger is going to be a game changer for me. I normally just carry a card case and external charger but both together is going to save me a lot of hassle.

  • David Bjerke

    I’ve been using all three products offered by Oars + Alps for the last couple months and love them. That being said, a little disappointed to see that since ordering on 2/25, they raised the price of everything (deodorant 12 –> 14, face/eye cream 18 –> 22 and solid face wash 14 –> 18).

    • Tyler

      Is the deodorant a white stick? I’m asking for the sake of my black t-shirts.

      • Andrew

        If this is a concern of you, you should check out Degree Black & White and I think Axe makes a version too:

        • Tyler

          Thanks! I’ll give that a shot. Although I do seem to get easily irritated by a lot of deodorants out there so I was thinking of looking into a natural deodorant.

      • David Bjerke

        It’s definitely not a chalky white stick. It’s more of an opaque stick that goes on pretty clear from what I can tell.

  • Jon

    Any Ideas on what that exact shoe is? The link goes to a different variation than the image that is much lighter in color.

  • Ross

    I don’t know if I could tolerate a tee and button up on a 100 degree day even if they’re light weight. Might just ditch the tee. Decent look don’t know if I’m ready to dip into espadrilles yet but nice outfit all the same Andrew. On another note anyone have any suggestions on a versatile khaki/chino pant that can transition from a semi dressy look to a casual look?

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross! If you get a nice tapered fit, any of the options from J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Gap, or even H&M should be able to transition from semi dress to casual.