The Getup: Breathe & Stretch

Looking cool and feeling cool aren't mutually exclusive.

The Getup x Primer

adidas prime knit timex expedition Go dry fleece jacket striped web belt flex shorts old navy Fossil card case jcrew syd sunglasses aj castro clear sunglasses asos waffle socks lulu lemon stretch shorts old navy stretch oxford The Getup x Primer

Eric Federspiel is a writer and former teacher whose love for style has been lauded and mocked in equal parts by his friends since as long as he can remember. An instructional designer by trade, Eric lives outside of Detroit, Michigan with his wife and daughter. You can follow him on Instagram, @detroitdandy.

  • Karl

    Solid first post Eric! (At least I’m pretty sure this is your first post) Although I’m not positive that one should wear an oxford to yoga…

  • Ross

    And I think you’re missing ‘lives’ in there too. Time to edit the bio write up.

  • James Baxter

    I’d rock that outfit, skip the yoga and go straight to the all fresco lunch!

  • Zac Silk

    Nice first post Eric, I think that especially in the summer we should embrace techinical fabrics to keep us cool.

    Brands like Gap and Old Navy are doing some great things with stretch denim that makes it really comfortable.

  • Omer Anwar Al Amin

    Great suggestions! Just bought the Adidas in green!