Sale: Our Favorite Leather Briefcase Under $100 is On Sale

When we first found this amazing cognac brown leather briefcase on Amazon a few years ago, we were stunned to discover that it was only $90… an unbelievable deal particularly given the quality of the leather, the roomy interior with multiple compartments, and overall versatility that makes it the perfect companion from the workday into the weekend.

The design itself is modern and minimalist, one of the few intersections of form, function, and frugality.

Of course, our lucky find was too good to be true and the price went up shortly after we posted about it last year to around $110, but now this spacious leather briefcase from the Italian brand Baccini is down to only $79 – the lowest price we’ve seen for it yet.

More than a year after we picked up our Baccini briefcase, ours is still holding up strong, and the vintage-finished patina looks even better the more we carry it. And you don’t just have to take our word for it anymore: more than five dozen reviews have been posted to Amazon to date with an average rating of 4.3. (There were only eight reviews when we purchased ours.)

At only $79, this is one instance where you’re not getting what you pay for – you’re actually getting a whole lot more. Based on how quickly it went out of stock, be sure to grab this solid budget alternative to the big brands while you can.

Check it out on Amazon

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  • Gord DuRoy

    I bought this briefcase after reading the post from 2016. I’d save the money and upgrade. The cloth shoulder strap doesn’t look great and the bag is generally poorly made (hence the price). Mine lasted less than a few months until it was slag.

    • Andrew

      That’s a bummer to hear, I didn’t have that experience at all.

  • Clark

    I’ve had mine over a year. The shoulder strap did have an issue. However, I’ve been carrying it by the nice handles and it has held up extremely well. I travel at least 2ce a month with it, and it gets tossed around pretty frequently at home/work. I get complements on it often and am pretty pleased with it, especially given the price.

    • Andrew

      Glad it’s been working out! I carry it by the handles, can you share what happened with your strap?

      • Clark

        The round metal button piece that holds the leather loop in place broke.

  • Lynn B

    I’ve had this briefcase for about a year and generally like it quite a bit. However, if you frequently handle legal sized papers or folders, I’d look somewhere else. They barely fit in this briefcase and it takes some doing.

  • Zac Silk

    It’s the perfect bag for carrying my laptop around University. It fits a MacBook Air 13 inch, as well as my chargers. After having it for a year I still love mine. A few scuffs and dings, but that’s to be expected.

    It’s a great daily driver but I’d like to see how the Daniels briefcase compares from the previous getup.

  • JonMastodon

    How long does this actually last? The price point makes me very suspicious.

  • Ron Pemberton

    I bought this last year and it is smaller(tighter) than it appears in the photos. It is a nice leather bag, but for light travelers not carrying much more than a laptop. There is a leather strap you can buy on Amazon for $18.00 that makes a nice upgrade from the one that comes with the bag. The strap that comes with the bag reminds me of an oversize army belt, and really looks out of place with the bags appearance. At the bags current price, plus ordering the leather strap, it would be a good deal.