Live Action Getup: An Evening at the Lake

Next weekend, head out of town for some much needed R&R. After a great day of hiking and BBQing, look sharp while staying comfortable and have a romantic lakeside evening.

The Getup: Summer Evening at the Lake

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men gray sweater khaki watch duffel

men summer fashion accessories

men gray duffel canvas weekender

This Kenox duffel was a steal at less than $20 which we featured in our best weekender bags under $125, but it's sold out now. The one featured in this Getup is also a great looking alternative.

nike tennis classic - white leather sneaker

By now, you know how versatile a pair of white leather sneakers are, but these Nike Tennis Classics which we picked up in January while they were only $35, have proven them to be a seriously awesome buy. They're still available on Amazon for $50-65, which is still a great deal.

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  • Justin

    I live everything except the shoes. Reminds me too much of a 80’s dad look. I would pair it with some Jack Purcell’s.

  • Zac Silk

    Loving the shaker sweater. I picked up the off white colour while they were still in stock. As well as that just picked up a pair of AJ Morgan’s that are holding up great.

    The white leather sneakers really round off the look well, while the holdall is functional yet stylish. Without a doubt a look in going to be copying

    • LB

      That’s a dope jacket, man. Hard to find military style jackets that are light. (And the sweater looks good in white too!)

      • Zac Silk

        Thanks LB! That jacket is the millitary one from Gap from a few years ago.

        Gap have just realised the same jacket recently, so if you like the style you can pick one up there.

        The sweater should also be restocked soon as Gap are pretty god at seeing what sells.

    • Andrew

      I love this look! Nice job! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • joshray88

    Snagged the Gap sweater for $14 and some change (plus free shipping!) with the FFSALE code they have today. Thanks for the pointer in that direction!

    • rogun

      Thanks for the tip! Just picked one up for 85 cents using a reward code.

      • Andrew

        Now that’s a deal!

        • rogun

          Yea and I missed another coupon that would have knocked another 10% off, so I probably paid 8 cents more than I could have… lol

    • Andrew

      NICE! thanks!

  • rogun

    I’m not a fan of monochromatic outfits, but some of the accessories seem nice.

    Those Nike Tennis Classics have really gone up in price! I tried to buy some after you last mentioned them, but they were out in my size. I’ve been wanting these for years, because I enjoyed them so much when they were original, but with so many white, leather sneakers in my closet already, it’s hard to justify paying much for another pair.

    Thanks for another great write-up Andrew!

    • Andrew

      The shorts are actually blue but after you said it I can see how they look gray. How many pairs of white leather sneakers do you have and which are your favorite?

      • rogun

        Oh, you’re right! I’m sure it’s more noticeable irl.

        I usually won’t spend money on expensive sneakers, so no common projects here. My favorite are probably my Stan Smith’s or some leather JP’s.

        Speaking of which, I did grab those grey leather sneakers from Frank & Oak that you featured recently and they’re great! They’re really comfortable and were a steal for under $30.

        • Andrew

          Awesome!! I’m glad to hear that you like them!

  • LB

    Hey, long time reader, first time commenter here. Just wondering if you have an undershirt or anything under that rad sweater? Is it ok to rock it bare?

    • Andrew

      Hey LB! I’m not wearing an undershirt in the photos, and that works great as long as it’s a non-scratchy sweater. Thanks for reading and for the first time comment, hope to hear from you again soon!

  • Andrew McMaster

    Recently tried to pull off the long sleeve button down with sleeves rolled up and shorts look, and got the thumbs down from the better half. What’s the best way (if possible) to pair a long sleeve shirt with shorts for a early 30’s aged guy on the casual end of the spectrum? The main complaint was that I looked like I was dressing like a teenager. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.