Girlfriend Gift Guide: 15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life from Our 3 Favorite Female Influencers

The Girlfriend Gift Guide

15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life from Our 3 Favorite Female Influencers

Who is the absolute best person to advise you on what to get your girl for the holidays? Go ahead, take a guess. I’ll wait.

If you said “I talk to my buddies and see what they’re getting,” I guess it's better than putting on a blindfold and clicking until something gets added to your cart.

The best person to help you shop for a woman is, in fact, another woman. And it helps if she’s an influencer with a keen eye for fun, style, and meaningful gifts at a variety of price points.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Megan Collins, founder of Style Girlfriend, Leila Najafi, from @leilaslist, and Amy Zhang from @theluxilook to help us put together a gift guide for women that will give you the inside track on what’s hot, happy, and guaranteed to please this holiday season.

Who knows more about what a girl likes like than the women she follows on Instagram? Check out their picks below!

Girlfriend Gift Guide: 15 Perfect Gift Ideas for Girls from our 3 Favorite Female Influencers
leila najafi Los Angeles Food and Travel influencer
Leila Najafi standing in front of a brick building

Leila Najafi of @leilaslist

Follow her on Instagram @leilaslist

Leila is a lifestyle and travel writer who has created the hugely popular @leilaslist on Instagram, an invaluable resource for finding the best coffee, food, and drinks in LA. Her Instagram Story roundups of what’s going on each weekend take away 99% of the hard work: Figuring out what's worth your time.

gift ideas for women

Landeau Roses, $120

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most extraordinary. This bouquet of 25 roses (because why stop at a dozen?) comes in a variety of pretty colors and is delivered in the most exquisite packaging that will spruce up any room. Currently, they only ship to to NY, Chicago, LA and SF.

milla chocolates

Milla Chocolates

Milla Chocolates, $18

There are chocolates and then there are Milla Chocolates. I’m a bona fide chocoholic and these are hands down the best chocolates I’ve ever eaten. Like, ever. Not to mention, each little morsel looks like a work of art because Christine Sarioz, the founder, spent years studying art. I could easily live off of the hazelnut praline bar.

A woman getting her nails done

Burke Williams Spa

Burke Williams, starting at $150

What girl doesn’t love a massage?! The Pure Relaxation massage at Burke Williams is pure heaven. I’ve tried a lot of spas and Burke Williams is always the one I go back to. I love their facilities and how luxurious I feel. I can easily spend a day at their spa pampering myself.

luggage gift for woman

Away Travel Carry-on

Away, $225

Every jetsetter needs this stylish carry-on. It comes in 8 colors (the blush color, better known as “millennium pink,” is my personal fave!) and has every world traveler dreaming of their next destination. I love this brand because it is designed with the modern traveler in mind — it’s sleek and functional at the same time. But the best part is the built-in battery that can charge an iPhone up to 5 times. No more searching for an outlet at the airport!

martini gift set

Absolut Elyx Copper Martini Set

Absolut, $299

The Absolut Elyx copperware set is absolutely stunning and it’s what every home bar needs. I may not know how to shake up a martini, but this set definitely makes me want to learn. I also love that Absolut Elyx partnered with Water for People so every purchase will provide access to one week of safe water to someone in need.

amy zhang the luxi look
amy zhang

Amy Zhang of The Luxi Look

Follow her on Instagram @theluxilook and on

Amy is the creative force behind The Luxi Look, an LA-based fashion, lifestyle, and travel destination. She’s built a huge following of women who turn to her to find out what’s trending and what’s worth the money. Chances are if Amy endorses it, the women in your life want it.

t3 camera

Fuji Instant Camera

Amazon, $159

In the age of the iPhone photo, there's something to be said about actual prints! This camera is easy to use, the photos are instant, and are fun to have at parties/festivals/events.

Oribe product bottles

ORIBE Travel Essentials

Amazon, $98

When it comes to hair products, Oribe is the gold standard! This set is super luxe and perfect for the jetsetter in your life.

t3 curling iron

T3 Convertible Curling Iron

Amazon, $185

I love this curler + all of the different interchangeable barrels you can use with it for any type of wave or curl! It's also compatible with outlets abroad, so you can take it with you around the world.

jonathan adler candle

Jonathan Adler Champagne Candle

Amazon, $34

Who doesn't love a bougie candle? This one smells incredible and adds a nice metallic touch to any living room.

2 modern planters with plants in them

Ceramic and Brass Planter

Amazon, $26

Greenery in the home or office is a must! These geometric planters are great for use anywhere and ideal for holding mini plants or succulents.

megan collins style girlfriend
megan collins

Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend

Follow her on and on Instagram: @stylegf

Megan is the founder of Style Girlfriend, a site aimed at being the supportive voice in the heads of poorly dressed men (and the women who love them), telling guys what girls actually want to see them wearing. Raised in Wisconsin and now a New Yorker, Megan has a loyal following of both men and women who follow her for top recommendations.

iphone hot sauce case Hot Sauce iPhone Case

Amazon, $32

If you’re in a newer relationship (or simply a guy on a budget), a fun phone case is a great stocking stuffer-type gift that delivers a lot of bang for the buck. This hot sauce bottle number from is one of my favorites, along with their very cute “Chill Pills” style.


Alo Moto Legging

Amazon, $80

I’ve been trying to figure out the men’s equivalent of women's leggings, and I’ve settled on baseball hats. Consider it: they’re both an instant style upgrade when you’re feeling less than fresh (ie, When was the last time I washed my hair?) and the best ones make us feel more confident when we wear them. Will she work out in these Alo moto leggings or just strut around on errands feeling cute? Who cares? She’ll love them and that’s all that really matters.

now we drink champagne necklace

“Now we drink champagne” necklace

Erica Weiner, $65

A good rule of thumb at the holidays is if you’re giving her jewelry but it’s not an engagement ring, make sure the box is big enough that she won’t open it up thinking a VERY BIG MOMENT is about to happen. This heart necklace, emblazoned with Notorious BIG lyrics will do the trick.

gifts for girls

The Full Moon Dust Set, Moon Juice

Moon Juice, $190

Painfully chic, hippie dippie blends of superherbs (and supermushrooms! what?!) promising to nourish the body and spirit from the inside out that she’s always been curious about but would never in a million years buy for herself? Check! Feeling frisky? Just get her the Sex Dust ($38) and call it a day.

babe sweater

“Babe” Cashmere Sweater

Saks Fifth Avenue, $310

She wants to know you’ll love and cherish her no matter how she looks, so send that message with a cozy sweater that doesn’t show a lick of skin.

Special thanks to Leila, Amy, and Megan! Be sure to follow @leilaslist, @theluxilook, and @stylegf!

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