Amazing Giveaway! 5 Wood Watches from Original Grain

Amazing Giveaway! 5 Wood Watches from Original Grain
Refresh your style with an elegant wood watch.

Wood is a hot design material, showing up in everything from iPhone cases to Vespas to the reclaimed plank table at your favorite coffee shop, and it’s long been the go-to material of choice of trim for luxury automakers (Bentley has an entire woodshop solely for this purpose!). It’s no wonder that wood has found it’s way into perhaps the most important accessory a man can have: his watch. It’s just one of the reasons Primer is excited to be giving away 5 watches from Original Grain to our readers.

If you’ve never owned a wood watch, consider this: it’s durable, warm-toned, and lightweight – perfect for a watch’s workaday applications. They also garner a ton of compliments because people just respond to a wooden watch. If you’re looking for an accessory that’s different without being flashy, a wood watch is a reliable bet.

So what is the X-factor of wood’s near-universal appeal? The answer might have something to do with what wood, as a part of nature, evokes in our brains. Studies have shown contact with nature – whether it’s a month-long trek through the Sierras or sitting in your lawn for a half hour – increases your brain’s alpha waves and decreases stress. It appears we’re programmed to be soothed by nature. Is it surprising that we’re naturally drawn to wood?

Nature is in Original Grain’s DNA. It was founded by two brothers, Ryan and Andrew Beltran, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to design a watch using unique materials that reflected their origins. To offset the wood used in their projects, the company has partnered with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit that teaches sustainable agroforestry. Original Grain plants 10 trees for each watch sold.

Now, you might be asking how an Original Grain wood watch compares to a traditional metal timepiece in terms of quality and function? Quite well, as it turns out. All Original Grain watches are crafted from exotic hardwoods, 316L stainless steel, and a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. The mixture of wood and steel materials means Original Grain watches are more rugged and have a more satisfying weight on the wrist than other all-wood brands.

We’ve selected a handful of our favorite timepieces from Original Grain for your consideration. In addition to giving away 5 watches to Primer readers, Original Grain is offering 15% off all watches with code “Primer.” Check out more styles at Original Grain and don’t forget to enter to win below!

Here are a few of our curated favorites from Original Grain:

Photo showing fashion forward wood watch from Original Grain

Barrel Whiskey Espresso

15% off code “Primer

Crafted from reclaimed American Oak whiskey barrel wood, the Whiskey/Espresso is guaranteed to get second – and third – looks for it’s fresh approach to the timepiece.

Image of fashion forward steel and wood watch from original grain

Barrel Matte Black

15% off code “Primer

Boasting an inlaid Sapele wood bezel and scratch resistant mineral crystal glass, this is a perfect juxtaposition of matte black stainless and warmer-toned wood.

Fashion forward wood and stainless steel chronograph style watch from original grain

Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

15% off code “Primer

A Burl wood bezel and traditionally rugged steel case make this a refresh on the classic stainless chronograph. Includes a two-function chrono finished with an epoxy gloss that allows the watch to be fully waterproof when submerged to 100ft, for all your competitive sailing needs.

Rosewood and black steel watch by original grain

Classic Rosewood Black

15% off code “Primer

Offering strong visual characteristics like the Barrel Sapele Black but with a more pronounced contrast, the Pau Rosa (Rosewood) pairs well with dark suits that need a strong accessory.

Original Grain zebrawood and rose gold watch

Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

15% off code “Primer

Made in the finest style of minimalist timepieces, it features a thin bezel of zebrawood along with a sleek 40mm case and Italian leather band.

Which is your favorite? Let us know below!

Original Grain Giveaway

Stillman Brown is a writer and TV producer who has created prime time content for National Geographic, Discovery, Travel Channel and many others. His interests span science & the natural world, personal growth, and food. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Benjamin Smith

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso everyday and twice on Sunday. Love it!

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    The Classic Rosewood Black looks killer!!!!

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso for me!

  • Michael Sinnet

    #1 looks sharp…definitely a unique accessory

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    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is my favorite, very cool.

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    I love the simplicity of the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist.

  • Erika-Andrew Clarendon

    I like the barrel whiskey and the rosewood ones–beautiful watches!

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso

  • Tim Z

    Burl Chronograph looks awesome as well

  • Andrew Cavallaro

    Love the barrel whiskey one. Would go perfect with a dram of bourbon 😉

  • Kenyon

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso is the one.

  • Josh Knox

    Love the wood watches. I had one a few years back and was so sad when it broke (wasn’t from this company). That Barrel Whiskey Espresso is legit!

  • Tanor Brewer

    Barrel Matte Black looks quite sharp.

  • Chris

    The chronograph is sharp

  • hullmar

    hoping i am going to win 🙂

  • Ben

    Hope I win!

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso for sure!

  • Today

    Classic Rosewood Black

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    I like the Classic Rosewood Black.

  • Michael Paraskevas

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is fire

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    They all look sharp and must have staples for a night out

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    That classic rose gold looks stunning but so does the barrel whiskey espresso. Good eye Primer!

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    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is for sure my favorite

  • Matthew Dyer

    I can’t pick just one

  • Jonathan Cooper

    Love the Zebrawood Rosegold Minimalist. Classy!

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    I love the minimalist style but that rose woodblack is just gorgeous.

  • Casey Zimmerman

    That Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is beautiful!

  • Austin Churchill


  • Joe H

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso looks great for everyday casual.

  • Andrew Palmer

    I’d love that watch Andrew!

  • Casey Pollard

    espresso or rose gold minimalist for me!

  • craig hoffman

    I have had my eye on wood watches for a while. These look fantastic! The minimalist caught my eye the most.

  • Justin Tilton

    really like all of them. The Alterra Silver Burl Chrono would be my top choice

  • Xavier Smith

    Love these watches.

  • Seth Fisher

    I like the one in the pic at the top of the article best.

  • Derek Thomas

    Love the Barrel Matte Black and the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph!

  • Matt

    Barrel Matte Black!

  • bhoe

    rose gold minimalist is pretty sweet

  • Ryan Emerson

    My favorites are Whiskey and Matte Black. Love the style presented by the wood watch. Awesome accessory!

  • David Kun

    Alterra Silver Burl Cronograph 🙂

  • Trevor Barnby

    The Alterra Chronograph has got to be my favorite.. just behind the Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • pedro

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso no doubt

  • Modern Connoisseur

    That Alterra though..nice!!!

  • Josh Kleckner

    Love the Classic Rosewood Black. I have a silver and rosewood watch by these guys and I love it!

  • Tanner Ziprick

    Would love to see a getup built around the Barrel Matte Black!

  • Matt

    Those are all stunning

  • Daniel R

    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist and the Barrel Whiskey Espresso would both fit my style perfectly. They look amazing.

  • Sidney Carrasco

    I’d go with the Barrel Matt Black

  • M-Mix

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso, hands down!!

  • Calvin Maynard

    Really liking that rose gold minimalist. Definitely stands out, but quietly.

  • Brown Gill

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is my maximum favorite!

  • Sal Winston

    barrel whiskey espresso, perfect casual watch

  • Joe Dax


    Barrel Whiskey Espresso is beautiful

  • Reuben Rangel

    Definitely Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist! Classic and modern at the same time.

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    Loved the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

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    Classic Rosewood Black speaks to me deeply.

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    Hands down, Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist 🙂

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    I have the rosewood minimalist. Love the Barrel Whiskey Espresso

  • Chris

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  • Benjamin Ayer Jones

    I feel like if I was wearing the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist, my net worth would increase 110%.

  • Eli Forbes

    Love them all, but the best has gotta be the Alterra Silver Burl Chrono!

  • Baron Kanter

    It’s all about that espresso

  • Karson

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalists

  • Thomas

    They Barrel Whiskey Espresso is very nice!

  • Michael Lee

    I love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph!

  • KevinScott

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Josh Hoefler

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is pretty sweet.

  • Mark Newhouse

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph with the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist a close second.

  • Kayvon

    I love the Zebrawood Rose Gold minimalist!

  • Steven Morse

    I dig the zebrawood minimal design.

  • Daniel Lei

    Definitely the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. The silver and lightly colored wood work very well together to form a nice chronograph

  • Austin Estridge

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Saovada

    The simple rose gold minimalist catches me eye!

  • Joe Smith

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso or Barrel Matte Black

  • Paul MacLachlan

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Jance Mosley

    No doubt the Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Sean C

    Digging the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

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    Chrono is so original! Very striking. Definable my fav

  • Dan McKeown

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph seems interesting.

  • Tim Singler

    Love the Classic Rosewood Black. Sharp looking!!

  • Sean Cuevas

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph for the funkiness of it.

  • Tom Haylon

    Barrel Matte Black for sure. Would love to add this to my wardrobe!

  • Lynn Baldus

    It’s a close call, but gotta go with the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. But that Rose Gold looks great too!

  • Benjamin

    Awesome watches! Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is definitely my favorite!

  • Brian Peterson

    Classic Rosewood Black for me

  • Benjamin Taylor

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph has got to be my top pick it would go with everything!

  • John D

    Zebrawood Minimalist for sure.

  • Jacob

    Barrel Matte Black looks great!

  • Nia Lorre

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist matches my personal coloring and style.

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    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is my choice!

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  • disqus_bHxzzK9aJT

    That zebrawood rose gold watch is my favourite. It seems the most versatile to me in terms of what it goes with.

  • bsosebee

    rose gold minimalist- versatile with subtle wood use

  • Adrian Pearson

    Hoping to go 2/2 on recent giveaways!

  • Brian

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  • Aaron

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • conjob

    I like them all… the chronograph is nice!

  • Paul H.

    Love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. It’ll look sharp dressed up or down, and the water resistance is a big plus.

  • Simon

    Alterra Chronograph for sure… Lovely looking watch ;O)

  • Mike Schiro

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is beautiful

  • CT

    The Zebrawood Minimalist

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    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is the best

  • twentysome

    Original for me

  • Carol Roberts clark

    Classic Rosewood Black

  • Cody Chappell

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso is awesome looking!

  • Geoff Nelson

    It is a toss up between the whiskey barrel and the rosewood.

  • Joe dopirak

    Classic rosewood black is gorgeous but I have to go with the original grain for versatility

  • Joseph Terry

    Love the rosewood black

  • Jeremy D.

    The Burl Chrono is the (carpenter) bees knees!

  • Billy

    Those are some great looking watches, love the rose wood and zebra wood ones!

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    Love the Barrel Matte Black

  • Josh Hoefler

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is pretty sweet

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    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist!

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    The Barrel Matte Black looks great!

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    I like Barrel Matte Black the best, but all are intriguing.

  • Brett

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Alexander Tyler Shewan

    Big fan of the classic rosewood black. That’d be my top pick for style and versatility.

  • Silviu

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Kyle Greer

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph looks nice!

  • stevececil

    Great giveaway!!

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is my choice!

  • SalPic

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso. If you’re gonna get a wood watch, get a WOOD WATCH.

  • Mrralph21

    That Rosewood is purrdy!

  • mattjay

    I bought my buddy an Original Grain watch for Christmas. He’s wearing it everywhere and its making me jealous!
    Love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph!

  • Eric Zerbe

    Definitely the Barrel Whiskey Espresso! Very unique.

  • Chris

    I love the barrel whiskey espresso

  • orlando prim

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is the best

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    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is a gorgeous watch. A very unique piece. I would love to wear it and show it off!

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    The color combination of Barrel Matt Black is just great!
    Love it.

  • Bastian Schulz

    The Barrel Matte Black is on point

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  • disqus_z3ELGcSGJp


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    all are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, but the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is definitely my favorite

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    That Barrel Matte Black in impressive!

  • Taylor sherman

    I like the mixing of organic and non organic

  • Chris H.


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    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

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    I’d love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

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    I like the barrel whiskey espresso best.

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    Classic Rosewood Black for the win!

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    Love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Roman Rodriguez

    Original Grain kills it

  • Dustin Murdock

    Silver Burl all the way!

  • Chris

    The Alterra is definitely my favorite of the five. Looking at the Original Grain website, I must say, I’m in love with the Redline and the classic Rosewood/Chrome. Such a beautiful selection of watches!

  • Paul Comfort

    Loving the barrel matte black!

  • Mike Honcho

    I like and want the Barrel Whiskey Espresso.

  • D Jordy

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

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    That Zebra Rose Gold Minimalist looks classic yet also surprising 🙂

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    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso is to die for

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    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph, very nice.

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    The minimalist is my favourite, great looking watch.

  • Jadrenko

    Rosewood Black

  • AtThomas

    Agreeing with many many others- barrel whiskey lookin’ solid.

  • David Cooper

    Alterra Silver Chronograph is going to be my next watch purchase. Love the steel/wood combo

  • Freddy Isea

    Classic Rosewood Black obviously!

  • Jim Roberts

    Barrel whiskey espresso is fantastic!!

  • JS

    They all look good!

  • Ros

    Definitely the zebrawood rose gold… but closely followed by the alterra silver burl chronograph.

  • Chris Myhalsky

    That Alterra would be amazing!

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    Gold minimalist is a classic that never goes out of style.

  • L. Campbell

    That silver chronograph is a beauty.

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    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is so clean!

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    Classic Rosewood Black is sharp

  • Justin Parker

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    That Zebrawood Rosewood Watch looks so good!

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    The Barrel Whiskey Espresso model is very impressive!

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    Diggin’ that Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Appianti

    These are all amazing

  • ColbyJH

    Hard to choose but I think Zebrawood is my favorite. The Alterra and Whisky watches are awesome too.

  • Dylan Zickler

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • modestp

    Gonna go off the board and pick the Whiskey Leather Alterra Chrono

  • David Gravelle

    i like the minimalist, just the right amount of wood to show off both the wood and the watch

  • Casey

    It would be a hard pick but I think I would have to go with the chronograph.

  • Nick Prota

    Alterra Silver Burl because I’ve never seen anything like that before

  • Mitch

    Wow these are cool!

  • Uros Tabakovic

    Love all of these. They look great!

  • Clint Kamstra

    The Burl Chronograph watch is amazing! I would wear the hell out of it!

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    I love them all, but I fancy the Barrel Whiskey Espresso most. Great contest and content, as usual!

  • stanis3k .

    id get the classic rosewood black

  • Hamza Ahmed

    Classic Rosewood Black

  • Tyler

    The rosewood black looks so good.

  • TJ Sharley

    Classis Rosewood Black, all the way.

  • mattakagi

    That Barrel Whiskey Espresso is gorgeous.

  • Walter Wong

    Whiskey espresso!

  • Ivars

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph looks best for me 🙂

  • Max Anderson

    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist has to be my pick.

  • Lachlan

    Barrel Matte Black is hard to go past. What a great looking watch both subtle and stylish. It works for both business and casual. Very cool.

  • Tyler

    Alterra Chronograph!

  • Leev Robert

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Justin H

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is amazing!

  • Aaron Bergeron

    Barrell Whiskey Espresso with a bourbon the rocks please!

  • Phil Doerfler

    Alterra silver burl chronograph

  • Andrew Christianson

    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is quite nice!

  • Cody Wood

    The Barrel Whisky and the Silver Burl look incredible. All of these are A+.

  • Sarah Jones

    Would love to win this for my husband. The Zebrawood Rosegold watch looks perfect for him!

  • Eric Vreeland

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Tyler O

    All about the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Kenny David

    I like them all, but In my opinion the Zebrawood is the best

  • James K.

    I really like the look of the Classic Rosewood Black.

  • Raffi Baldassini

    They’re all pretty great, personally I like the Rosewood black the most

  • Irving De Jesus Mendiola

    The black matte is gorgeous!!!

  • Daniel Bartelson

    Barrel Whisky Espresso

  • Steve

    I “wood” really like to own one of these!

  • Ray

    Like many others, the Barrel Whiskey Espresso

  • Alex

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist!

  • Conor Dunne

    Classic Rosewood Black looks bold. Love it for any occasion.

  • Jason Lynch

    The silver burhl chronograph is great. The inlays pop out on the dial.

  • Justin

    Love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • sojo2600

    Barrel Matte Black, very cool.

  • Andrew Jefferies

    The minimalist one is right up my alley!

  • Christian Eastman

    The Classic Rosewood Black looks sharp!

  • Jon B.

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. Looking at that watch, it’s easy to imagine driving Scotland’s North Coast 500 in a Morgan, or the winding Smoky Mountains in a Cadillac ATS-V. Sure, I’m sitting my computer answering support calls, but I can imagine I’m not.

  • Heather S

    I obsessed with the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Ashley Pichon

    Barrel whiskey espresso! It’s stunning.

  • jenny l

    Love the rosewood

  • Brendon Hines

    I’m a sucker for the rosewood black

  • Gino Boss

    Barrel matte black for sure!

  • Jeremy

    The silver burl doesn’t even look like it was designed. Looks way to natural

  • Dallin

    Barrel Matte Black for me, good combination of colors

  • Arthur Williams

    That Matte Black!!!!

  • annie

    Barrel Matte Black but dang, they’re all nice.

  • T Mock

    That Alterra silver looks good!

  • Manuel G. Rocha

    The Alttera Silver Burl would be my go-to watch. Hope to win it!

  • Zane Feemster

    The Classic for sure!

  • Shawn Ford

    The Rosewood one is my favourite!

  • JerkFace

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso all day

  • Rajeev Prasad

    Oh my gaaaawd the Barrel Matte Black is b-e-a-yootiful! Love it.

  • Daniel

    My fav is def the Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Daniel Ivanov

    I would take Barrel Matte Black and be awesome!

  • Kory

    The Barrel Matte Black is so sharp!

  • stevew11

    Barrel Matte Black

  • Marissa

    Definitely a sucker for the

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph!

  • Ray griffin

    Love the alterra chronograph

  • Zi Ye

    Classic Rosewood Black looks great!

  • Jeffrey Wilfong

    alterra chronograph

  • Stephen Small

    I like the Barrel Matte Black

  • Kevin Meyer

    That classic rosewood black looks dope!

  • MR M

    I’m digging the Barrel Whiskey Expresso the most! My 2nd pick would be the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. Very unique designs!

  • Will

    That Barrel Matte Black is damn sexy.

  • mrshock13

    The classic rosewood black is quality

  • Michael Smith

    classic rosewood black!

  • John Waldowski

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph but they are all amazing

  • Brian Marzo

    Matte Black is gonna look good on my wrist when I’m reading all you guys complaining about losing.

  • Craig Conway

    If I get the Rosewood or Whiskey barrel in the mail one day you guys will make my month!

  • Kim K

    I like the Alterra Chronograph watch.

  • Walker Jibb

    Barrel Matte Black would look very nice with a darker leather jacket

  • Chad Nagel

    I like the Minimalist Rosewood/Chrome

  • joan001

    Rosewood Black for me

  • Keir

    Rosewood black for sure!

  • Benjamin Schaub

    Alterra Silver Burl

  • Rita Alar

    I would vhoose the Alterra

  • Sonya_Morris

    I would pick the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist.

  • Martin Ibarra

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph All the way!

  • Stephen Wall

    Espresso is unreal

  • Greg Ford

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Rhett Hammon

    Cash me outside with the Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Khoren Lawson

    The Classic Rosewood Black and the Barrel Whiskey Espresso are designed to perfection! Love them!!!

  • Adam Menchaca

    Good god that zebrawood Rose Gold!

  • David Ahmann

    The Alterra Chronograph really ties together the retro and rugged looks that have been coming back into watch style these past few years. I would love to wear it with a navy oxford and dark khaki chinos.

  • Josh

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist, simple and elegant

  • Jim Fusco

    I don’t know I like them all, but probably the barrel whiskey would be first choice

  • Laine Quinn

    All of them look incredible, but the detail work on the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph makes it surpass the others in style and functionality for me.

  • Zack Evar

    Definitely the alterra chronograph

  • Vincent Bodino

    Rosewood Black looks stunning!

  • Christian Siles

    i want one!

  • Dean Bogin

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso! Love the classic look.

  • Rob

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • cdsouth

    Classic rosewood black.

  • Abdul K Muhammad

    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is a classic.

  • Riley Smith

    Personally, I’m really more fond of the watches with the accent of wood. I don’t like it to be the main focus.

  • Dominic A

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is cool.

  • Benjamin Wu

    The Barrel Matte Black and the Classic Rosewood Black are gorgeous.

  • Brent Sievers

    Love me that zebra wood

  • Harold

    Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • Tom

    Ooh that Barrel Whiskey Espresso is killerrrr

  • Chris

    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is driving me nuts!

  • Mason

    The alterra looks great. I’ve been looking for a cool watch like this.

  • Caesar Merlin

    rosewood looks good

  • Swayze

    I love them all!

  • Northeast J

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso for my watches and my mornings.

  • Jim B

    Silver Burl Chronograph!

  • Andreas

    The Barrel Matte Black is just what I’m looking for

  • LoLoBTS

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph is a good looking watch.

  • Leonardo Rivera

    Wow, I never really considered to get a wood watch,until I saw the Barrel Whiskey Espresso in this article. Amazing craftsmanship!

  • Elliot Rudert

    The Barrel Matte Black is Fire Emoji.

  • Sean

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Ryan Roberts

    Love the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • nate

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Joseph

    The rose gold is quite elegant!

  • Nick

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso for sure!

  • Steve

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Jim B

    Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Scott Levitt

    These are beautiful! I do woodworking for fun, and am always in disbelief when I see wooden timepieces!

  • Domenic Magazu III

    Love the unique look of these watches.

  • R J

    Gotta go for the Alberta Silver Burl!

  • Joseph Ontiveros

    The classic rosewood black looks awesome!

  • Anthony Gomand

    They all look amazing! Thanks Primer Magazine!

  • TJ Drucker

    The Zebrawood Minimalist is one of the nicest watches i’ve ever seen!

  • Haris

    Barrel Matte Black

  • Chris

    Alters silver burl chronograph for me. That watch is commanding!

  • Travis Davidson

    Honestly, they all look amazing. I work in the timber industry and all of them would be wonderful conversation starters in the industry. If I had to choose I would go with the Barrel Whiskey Espresso or the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist

  • John Lima

    the rosewood and barrel whiskey are awesome!

  • Tyler Foster

    Barrel Matte Black Hands Down!!!

  • Kellen


  • Dustin Jones

    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph please.

  • Mike

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso looks great

  • Lawrence Walker

    Classic Rosewood…
    #sweepslinks 🏆

  • Jordan Mor

    that rosewood black watch is gorgeous, I need to add it to my collection

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    Classic Rosewood Black!!

  • Gianpaolo Colombo

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    Love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Lizzie Knell

    The Rosewood Black’s bold, I like it 🙂

  • Joshua Rogers

    Definitely falling in love with the Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist Watch. It would definatly be worn by yours truley.

  • Patrick Regan

    This is a hard one, but I love the Barrel Whiskey Espresso!

  • Max

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso

  • penemio

    Zebrawood Rosegold Minimalist. Show me some wood!

  • ivel1977

    Iove the Burl Chronograph

  • Ben B

    Classic Rosewood Black for sure!!

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    Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph

  • Ash

    Matte Black!

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  • Jessica Trombley

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    The Zebrawood Rose Gold Minimalist is simple and clean! Amazing!

  • Mark Anthony Crumpler

    The chronograph is sharp.

  • Cheryll Cosenza

    They are all beautiful but I would love the Barrel Matte Black…it’s gorgeous!! My husband would look so handsome with a beautiful watch! thank you so much!!

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    Barrel Whiskey Espresso

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  • Tim Pattison

    Barrel Whiskey Espresso looking sharp!

  • Alejandro

    The Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph looks great!

  • Jonathan Cooper

    I love the Alterra Silver Burl Chronograph. Chronographs are a beautiful, well-crafted timepiece.

  • Joe

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  • Grant Lastovica

    Barrel Matte Black is awesome, very unique

  • Ashesh Sharma

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  • Diana Williams Burke


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