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26 Outfits for Spring & Early Summer   Men's Fashion Inspiration   Outfit Ideas

26 Outfits for Spring & Early Fall   Mens Spring Outfit Ideas

Spring is a transition season – everything from the temperature outside to personal goals to relationships are evolving as we head into summer. On one hand, spring creates challenges for the well-dressed gentleman: it’s chilly in the morning and scorching by the time you step outside your workplace for lunch. How do you balance style and functionality to be comfortable and stylish in such a dynamic time of year?

On the other hand, spring opens up a ton of possibilities for introducing new colors and fabrics into your wardrobe. It could mean layering a crisp white shirt with an attention-grabbing blue linen blazer and trousers, a combo that’s too light for winter and too heavy for summer. Or a personal favorite of mine: pairing shorts with a henley and sweater for warmth and versatility that still looks intentional.

So get the jump on spring with these 26 outfits, created for your inspiration and guidance. In it you’ll find options for all occasions, from work & play casual to dressy with a special focus on layering and flexibility for changing temps.

In keeping with the Primer ethos, these outfits won’t break the bank either, with most items coming in at $60 or less. This ebook with 26 outfits is FREE for subscribers, and subscribing is 100% FREE as well!

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26 Outfits for Spring & Early Summer   Mens outfit ideas and inspiration

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