The Summer Jacket: Buyer’s Guide & Live Action Getup

Men's Summer Jacket Buyer's Guide & Getup

Best Men's Summer Jackets

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  • Reply June 23, 2016


    My first thought was, “Who the hell needs a jacket in the summer??” – As I scrolled and saw the option for “all of our friends in the South”, I couldn’t help but crack a smile. That’s a little more like it.

    • Reply June 23, 2016

      browneagle44 ロベルト

      I love getting subscription boxes from places based out of LA/ the west coast in general. Between Five Four, Loot Crate DX and Fashion Stork, I got three hoodies in May.

    • Reply June 23, 2016


      Yea, it’s been 85-90 degrees in the middle of the night where I live, so no need for jackets here.

    • Reply June 27, 2016


      Couldn’t agree more, we can only dream of sub-90’s past May.

    • Reply June 27, 2016


      Not just the south. Midwest humidity means no jacket anytime.

  • Reply June 23, 2016

    browneagle44 ロベルト

    Five Four has a bomber jacket from their Robert Gellar collection, as well. It runs about $45-I think the only color option right now is green. I’ve got the black one, and it fits and works great.

    Here it is, modelled by Greg “Snap Wexley” Grunberg.

    • Reply June 23, 2016

      browneagle44 ロベルト

      Also, if you wanna join Five Four, let me know. Members have half-off referral code through the end of June (AKA, you get a box o’ goods for $30)

  • Reply June 23, 2016

    Alex Bear

    I have a few different pairs of selvaged denim, but a pair of Rigid Dragon Levi’s like the ones listed are still my favorite at 1/4 the price.

    • Reply June 24, 2016

      Joey Lenz

      If only they had any sort of quality control, but I agree totally. With how little time I get out of jeans before they start blowing out I can’t justify spending more money anymore. You can feel the difference in the denim, but not 4x better unless I could get 2 years out of a pair.

  • Reply June 23, 2016

    Serafin Nunez

    Heat index of 105 today… reread this article in October.

  • Reply June 26, 2016

    Joseph Padilla

    Yup, gotta love summer jackets. And thank God for SF Bay Area weather, too!

    I’d be all in if there was something as a “summer leather jacket.”

  • Reply June 27, 2016


    Hey Andrew, any chance of a getup/look for wearing a tank top without looking like a tool in the summer? It’s always been a little out of my comfort zone, but as it gets hotter it’s becoming wayyyy more appealing!

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