The Getup: April Heat Wave

Wasn't I just wearing 5 layers the other day?

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  • Sam Sik Youn

    Props on the talc-free body powder. Recently been seeing stuff about correlation between talc use and cancer. The articles I saw were about women, but I’d prefer not to take unnecessary risks when cornstarch-based powder does the job just fine.

    • Andrew

      I’ve seen that too, though it has only been for women.

  • SalPic

    Wait your “heat wave” getup has TWO shirts and a jacket? That seems like a lot of stuff.

    • Andrew

      It’s still spring, the mornings are cool and the evenings are too.

      • SalPic

        I guess I’m just too used to Florida, where it’s already getting into the 80s in the morning and staying late.

        • Andrew

          You’re going to hate the next one then! 😀 Have a full set of spring looks coming out soon.

          • Cameron

            Can you do some specifically for Florida? These get ups are awesome but of no use because of the heat

          • dj2015

            Or Arizona…

          • SalPic


          • Andrew

            Come again?

  • Wade Miller

    I could see the jacket, as it’s still a little chilly in the morning (depending on where you live). The two shirts is a bit odd, however.

    • Dennis

      I can’t see how the two shirt thing is possible going to work in the end. If they were a different brand, a different fit than it could be nice. Until I actually see a photo of you wearing that I’m not convinced.

      • Andrew

        I’m not following, why’s that?

  • Mike Wargo

    I would kill for an April heat wave right about now. It’s been in the 30’s all week and we’re supposedly getting snow.

    • Andrew

      Where are you at?

      We have a Getup coming that still has some layers in it next.

      • Mike Wargo


      • Daniel

        Dude it was 15 degrees this morning in NY. I wish we had a heat wave.

        • Daniel

          AND we got about 5-8 inches of snow over the past few days.

  • John Waldowski

    Where I live we are having an April heatwave and it’s been close to 90 for the last several days. Also, couldn’t you substitute any white t as it will be covered with the gray t?

    I do understand that a lot of people are lucky and live in parts of the country where they have seasons, I’m just jealous of those people. Here we have obscenely hot and freezing cold with a couple of days of reasonable temps in between.

    • Andrew

      Haha totally!

      The striped tee goes on top of the gray as pictured.

      • John Waldowski

        On the real though, the pic of the fit on the homepage has gray on top of white.

  • Steve Zhang

    I hope there actually is a heat wave for the Marathon in a little more than a week. Because right now it’s 34 and last night was 24 and I hate running in the cold

  • TMann

    If one isn’t up to spending >$300 for the Barracuta Harrington, Target (yes, Target) has a decent Harrington in their Merona line that goes for ~$40. It obviously at the same level as the Barracuta, but it’s a lot more attainable for most folks.

    • TMann

      should be “…obviously ISN’T at the same level as the Barracuta…”

    • Andrew

      Nice!! Thanks for the rec, I’ll check it out.

    • Daniel

      GAP. I got a nice one for $50 after 40% off. The sale is still on.

  • TJ

    The harrington jacket is a classic! I also found one at the thrift store (though not an actual one, it was a knockoff). Its khaki and I like it but I’m hoping to find them other colors in the future.

    • Andrew

      Mine’s khaki too!

  • Adam Kappel

    I’ve been on the Vans train for what feels like forever and have been thinking more and more about wanting to branch in to wearing sneakers like these Nike’s. I think this finally pushed me over the edge. Really like them.

  • Just Noticed…

    No socks?

  • noe_garcia

    do you wear the bracelet and watch on the same wrist or separate?

  • wlp3D

    For the budget shopper and those that maybe don’t want to order things online to wait (I know I’m not only impatient but don’t have a j. crew or uniqlo store anywhere close)…
    A few budget options would be:
    Old Navy’s “Striped Slub-Knit Shirt” in Ink Blue ($9.99 right now and probably in stock in store)
    Target’s Merona Club Shorts in Navy (they’re not dark at all and I just picked up the Gray yesterday) – they’re not Linen, but Chambray, but I feel it captures the same effect of texture over layers ($24.99)

    • Andrew


  • Jeffrey D

    Yes, props to the talc-free body power. I tend not to use it so often, but I do really like using Fresh Balls, which has been highlighted on this site before, especially when going to work out. The Marlowe body wash though smells awesome! I am super picky about scents especially related to my body, but this one is on the money. Highly recommend those 2 products.

  • Robert Hamilton

    Target has Harrington jackets in Navy and Khaki for $40.

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