The Amazon Outfit: Summer Casual

Proudly introducing our new series for making good style painless. Free Prime shipping and free returns if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit.
Amazon Outfit

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Amazon Outfit - Summer Casual

Sheec no-show socks The Best No-show socks for men Terre d'hermes cologne Levi's 511 Slim Chinos Levis Canvas sneakers Boot laces US Polo Assn short sleeve shirt Gamma Ray Cheaters polarized sunglasses Timex Expedition

Amazon Outfit

Amazon Outfit Gray Canvas Sneakers

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Shirt: US Polo Assn, $28

Pants: Levi's 511 Slim Chinos, $40

Watch: Timex Expedition, $30

Sneakers: Levi's Jordy, $30

Boot laces: Orthostep, $7

Polarized sunglasses: Cheaters, $7

No-show socks: Sheec, 2/$12

Cologne: Terre D'Hermes, $75

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  • Caesar Merlin

    Please write more real content and less shameless Amazon shilling

    • Andrew

      Shameless Amazon shilling? These are just items you can buy all on Amazon, with the idea you can have an entire Getup delivered in 2 days (if you have Prime) instead of having to order from 5 different places. I literally buy everything off of Amazon but finding quality clothing takes a bit of work. The idea for this is it makes it easy. If it’s not your cup of tea, there are over 1,000 articles in the Primer archive to tide you over. We work really hard on all the content we produce and am always open to respectful feedback.

    • Serafin Nunez

      This website is a business that relies in advertising. Let the man work within his business model without being shamed for it.

    • Kyle

      I’m confused by this condescending comment. All of the brands included here look great and won’t break the bank at the same time. That’s what this website seems to be about…helping guys look good while offering real choices that most can afford.

      I myself do not wear slim fit pants as my thighs won’t allow me to pull them all the way. However, I always look at the color schemes and create my own look based off Andrews suggestions. This is a great and innovative way to help us, thank you. Keep up the hard work!

      • Andrew

        Thanks Kyle, I really appreciate that! 🙂

  • Jeremy

    I will admit my first thought was to agree with Caesar about this being just a shameless Amazon post. Then I realized that most of the products or brands have been mentioned in other postsbefore. This is simply you can buy them on Amazon.

    • Andrew

      Yep, this is just a Getup like any other except you can buy it all in one place and get free returns which is always an issue when ordering online in other places.

      We’ve mentioned everything in this outfit before in different posts.

  • Clayton Shelton

    Cool post. Thanks!

  • Dave

    Andrew – this is an awesome idea. Even as an avid Amazon buyer, I am always hesitant to try new clothing brands from Amazon. Keep up the great work and please do more Amazon posts in the future!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Dave! Glad you like it. I’m surprised by the initial push back. Hopefully others like it too.

  • Serafin Nunez

    You can’t beat Prime shipping, but Amazon is so loaded down with terrible quality items. Thanks for narrowing it down a bit (a process which could be a website all its own).

  • Zerotsum

    I appreciate the simple, one place shopping approach of this article. I’m all about convenience and speed.

    Just a thought, It would be awesome if you could package these “Amazon Outfits” to simplify the ordering process. One click, pick my sizes and then I order. Done!

    • Andrew

      We looked into it! Amazon doesn’t offer a way to do that with apparel since users would have to pick their sizes. 🙁

  • Alex Miller

    I love Amazon, but typically avoid buying clothing there because I find it tedious to wade through all of their products. So I very much like the concept of Getups via Amazon (not necessarily exclusively) for the sake of simplifying the selection process. In addition, Getups via Amazon do make the purchasing process easier for an entire Getup, if you are so inclined.

    This is a great look, by the way. I’ve shot the money gun a tad too much recently, otherwise I’d be all over it.

  • fluffstravels

    I like a lot of the ideas you put up (even though I’m not sure if they would work for me) but always wonder if something will fit my body type. Would you ever consider doing a fit guide post? Not how clothes should fit but how to tell if something you bought online will fit you.

    • Andrew

      That’s the tough thing about buying online (and a big reason I did 100% Amazon outfit because they offer free returns) you just never know until you order it and try it on. Which can be a drawn out process of shipping and returning if you’re using a retailer that does standard shipping times.

  • Aaron Bridges

    Perfect concept to make easy to me to buy. Makes life easy
    Appreciate concept.

  • KevinScott

    Like this post, but hate that every pair of chinos has to sit “below the waist”. I hate the feeling my but will hang out when i sit.

    • Andrew

      Are you referencing the “true waist,” like around the belly button?

      • KevinScott

        No, I am referring to regular rise pants similar to the Levis 541 that sits at the waist. I am 6’4″ and with low rise chinos on it makes my torso look longer than my legs.

        • Andrew

          I didn’t notice these to sit especially low.

      • KevinScott

        No, I am referring to regular rise pants similar to the Levis 541 that sits at the waist. I am 6’4″ and with low rise chinos on it makes my torso look longer than my legs.

  • John

    What size are the laces?

  • Kr00gz

    I like what you’re doing here. Simple, convinient…if you hate it just send it back.

  • Chris Jones

    I love this idea. Please keep doing it!

  • Michael

    I buy *everything* I can from Amazon, so I love this article and the idea behind it. Keep them coming!

  • Michael

    I’m diggin’ the look. Do the chinos stretch or is it 100% cotton? Great work!

  • John

    Cool idea! Here in STL those pants become shorts, but great outfit. Could you post the measurements of the model and the size of garment being worn in the images when you do these? For example, I have a 41″ chest, but when I buy Port Authority shirts on Amazon, I am a Small or a Medium with A LOT of tailoring; I have a 34″ waist with Merona pants and shorts, but a 36 or 38 with Haggar. And so on.

    BTW, soak your canvas shoes, laces and all in water and wear them around outside for a faster break in and no blisters.

  • Ryan Quintal

    Trolls will be trolls to be honest. Great post Andrew, in my case Amazon tends to have most sizes and you’re not stuck in store with a sad face when your size isn’t in the back. Plus the selection in styles is great.

    Amazon aside, great outfit as always! Your site is my go to 🙂

  • Paul

    Andrew – This is awesome. When can we get a fall/Winter Amazon Outfit Series? Affordable and easy to pickup? I can get on board with that.

  • David Hamme

    I was literally just googling “amazon men’s clothing look book” to no avail when I decided to check out the latest getup. Lo and behold, you have exactly what I was looking for!

    • Andrew

      Nice!! 🙂

  • kojimin

    Are you going to do anymore of these? I’ve been checking D;

    • Andrew

      Yep! We’re working on some now. 🙂