Live Action Getup: Spring Transition + 7 Waxed Canvas Jacket Options

As winter fades away, we exchange the warm bulky jackets for versatile thinner ones capable of protecting us from surprise rain showers. The classic waxed canvas jacket made famous by Barbour is the perfect option. Luckily, there are quite a few budget alternatives as well.

Ray Ban Red Wing Iron Rangers J.Crew Factory Sweater Barbour waxed jacket American Eagle jacket Kohl's jacket Urban Outfitters jacket Seiko watch Anchor bracelet webbing belt Levi's 513 slim straight jeans J.Crew Factory Oxford

spring outfit ideas for men
Seiko watch - men's spring outfit inspiration
men's spring outfit inspiration - Barbour waxed canvas jacket
Seiko watch - Ray Ban New Wayfarer - Web Belt

Chris Scott is a scuba instructor, photographer, and writer living in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in Anthropology and a focus in underwater archaeology. He spends most of his time trying to figure out ways to see the world without having to spend any money.

  • Collin Schumacher

    Love the getup! However, I encourage you guys to read the materials and reviews of the alternative jackets… I checked out the J.Crew and L.L.Bean alternatives and they both don’t have a waxed finish. You’re getting what you pay for when it comes to this style of jacket.

    • Austin

      I waxed the J Crew version after purchasing it 6 months ago with Otter Wax as Chris suggests. After a rainy trip to Seattle it’s officially my favorite jacket. Completely waterproof, great fit, and super comfortable. I’d highly suggest it, especially for that final sale price!

      • Collin Schumacher

        Good to know man, thanks for sharing

    • Andrew

      Hey Collin,

      Thanks for the comment! I checked them when I was working on it and just checked both of those again and they say they’re waxed, the LLBean one even in the title.

      • Collin Schumacher

        Hey I trust your judgement Andrew! Thanks for the response

      • Dave

        The JCF option does state “waxed cotton” in the description, but a review (excerpt below) indicates otherwise. I don’t own the jacket, but still may be worthwhile for the price knowing it may or may not actually be waxed.

        “This jacket is not waxed cotton. It is cotton sprayed with silicone, as per the materials tag of the Jacket. Therefore it has no qualities of actual wax on cotton. I don’t understand how Jcrew can even write in the description – waxed cotton.”

        • Andrew

          Good to know. I would think silicone WOULD act like wax. Interesting.

  • Penn

    What jacket is in the second to last picture?

    • Andrew

      It’s the Barbour.

  • Michael

    Great style combo. Perfect for the spring or fall.

  • TMann

    I just purchased the Lands End jacket this morning. $70 is a pretty good price for a quality jacket. Thanks for the tip!

    • Jesse

      Let us know how the Lands End jacket fits when you get it! Good looking jacket.

      • TMann

        The jacket fit well in the shoulders; I normally wear a size 40 suit jacket and ordered a size Medium. It’s a bit baggy in the waist area, but I’m only 5’6″ and have a 31″ waist. I need clothes to be slim and fitted to avoid accentuating my shortness.

        I probably won’t keep it for that reason, but it’s a great looking jacket. Also, the grey color is somewhat unusual; it’s nice to see something besides the usual navy, black and olive.

  • Ross

    Great Getup! I’m liking that we are starting to see slim (NOT SKINNY jeans) again in our getups. I know as far as trends go that rolling the bottom cuff of the pant legs are in but I’m not a big fan of this and would really enjoy seeing the full leg/ankle and how it reacts/pairs to the true look of the footwear. Huge Fan of the Red Wing Iron Rangers!!
    As far as the Jacket, I personally prefer the look of the American Eagle over the others. Great look though!

    • Andrew

      Hey Ross! Glad you dig it. I can’t imagine we’ve featured skinny jeans more than a couple of times. I always opt for slim or straight.

      • Ross

        Thanks for the reply Andrew. Since we are on the topic of slim jeans. I was hoping you would give me your assessment/opinion on Levi’s new 513 in the Franklin Canyon Wash. I like the look for a dark blue wash, but I would love your professional opinion on these jeans. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work!

        • Andrew

          I dig them! Great choice, those will be versatile.

  • mtb rick

    Hey Andrew,

    Any suggestions for a lightweight highly water resistant jacket to wear with business casual outfits?