Live-Action Getup: Spring Essentials – Stripes

When the weather won’t let you sharpen up your look with layers, you have to add visual interest in other ways. The easiest? Timeless stripes – like this 158 year old pattern known as Breton stripe.

The Getup: Breton Stripe

Asos Breton StripeAdidas Samba - Nike Killshot 2 alternativeGap 1969 stretch denim graySeiko 5Topman waterproof rubberized parkaPrimer Magazine The Getup

Breton Stripe Getup
Breton Stripe Nike Killshots
Nike Killshots
Breton Stripe Nike Killshots men's spring outfit ideas

Mitchell Yasui is a scientist with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Guelph, Ontario. His hobbies include playing squash, petting dogs, and navigating the ins and outs of adulthood.

  • jacob

    the outfit is good, but what are you doing in the last picture???

    • Andrew

      Hey Jacob! Not sure I follow?

      • Jacob

        The last picture of him jumping off the sidewalk

        • Andrew

          I can’t find anything wrong with it.

        • Dave Oeskovic

          It’s not just you. it’s weird, like he’s pushing off the edge of the sidewalk.

          • Andrew

            Haha yeah just a cool action shot, photos of people just standing around gets kind of boring to look at and to shoot.

  • Jacob Crim

    Not likely. It is already 90 degrees in North Carolina 🙁

    • Brad

      Same. Consistently in the 80’s here in StL. I think this guy’s Canadian, though, so I guess I can forgive him.

    • Andrew

      Lucky you! 🙂 A lot of us are still in the 50s and 60s. You can check out the Summer Style section until then:

    • Andrew

      I had the same thought when I first saw this post (I’m in Salt Lake City where 90+ temps are fast approaching). However, after browsing through Andrew’s link below, I revisited the “April Heat Wave” getup. It features a Uniqlo tee that’s very similar to the sweater above for only $15!

      • dg

        Cool. I’m from SLC also.. heeeey lol

  • Cale

    The shoes worn are the Nike Killshots II avaliable from J. Crew for around $70 for anyone interested.

    • Andrew

      Hi Cale, we talk about that in the article, the Killshots have been discontinued and aren’t available anymore, unfortunately. They’re really popular.

      • Cale

        Oh, sorry about that. I knew they were sold out, but I was unaware they were discontinued. That’s too bad, because they’re great shoes.

        • Andrew

          I know! I’m super bummed.

  • Juan

    What are your thoughts on the parka? I need something for rainy weather that looks good.

  • Ron DeGregorio

    Not sure what happened to my comment, but what are your thoughts on this outfit for guys who are a bit more rotund. I feel like the horizontal stripes may accentuate a belly or love-handles.


  • Zac Silk

    Are there any alternatives to the Berton sweater picturered? I may have miscounted on the ASOS one, but to my count it’s more than 21.

    I was just wondering as if I’m going to buy one is like it to be authentic. Many thanks guys.

    • Andrew

      That was just the original military design from back in the day. Most don’t have 21 anymore.

      • Zac Silk

        Thanks for clearing that up Andrew! Now I’ll go out and get one knowing that. 🙂

  • Omer Anwar Al Amin

    What Nike’s are those?

  • DG

    I can never find jeans in a 28 or 29 waist with 32 length *even though I’m 30/31) b/c of vanity sizing and I loathe low waist. SO I went over to Banana Republic and ordered some Traveler Jeans (expensive), but actually have diff. sizes that look amazing. Gap.. copy your sister BR

  • chris

    For everyone looking for the Killshot 2 , you should check out the Nike Sb Zoom Skate shoes . You can customize them like I did in the link above and they have a very similar look

    • Andrew

      Great alternative!

  • tim r

    So sad that Nike Disco’d the Killshots. Love my pair. Officially putting them into semi-retirement for this summer so I can keep them looking new.