Live Action Getup: Santa Monica Weekend Casual

Grab brunch, do some shopping, all while looking sharp and casual.
California style

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Santa Monica Style Analysis
gray sweatshirt blue joggers oxford shirt

Shane Martin is an avid Primer reader and founder of Lean Mean Creative Machine, a design and marketing agency based in Los Angeles.

  • bankc11

    Glad to see you’re getting other folks on the Get-Ups!

    • Andrew

      I haven’t been in the last 8 ones. 😉

      • Brock

        I miss you.

        • Brock

          But Shane is a handsome man.

        • Andrew

          Haha! I miss youuuuuuuu!

  • Adam Mueller

    I’m not sure I will ever support the jogger fad. I really think (hope) this is a temporary trend. I like the look otherwise!

    • Andrew

      They’re unlikely to be a long term trend (more than 5+ years), like most things they come and go.

    • Jimmy_Johansen

      I would fully support this Get Up with regular Chinos. I just can’t get behind joggers. But the colors and other styles are really nice.

  • MoJoseph

    I need more joggers in my wardrobe. I know people either love ’em or hate ’em, but I’m a fan.

  • Brady Lanter

    I enjoy the getups. Issue is skinny pants. Will never see me in them. Although I’m fit my shape is not skinny.

  • Griffin

    Any recommendations on regular fit joggers?

    • Brady Lanter

      I saw some at Abercrombie recently.

  • Ryan

    Is there cheaper version of that hat out there, I love it!

  • Nick

    I feel like I could step up my gym clothes a bit, could you do a gym Get-Up?

    • Andrew

      You bet, that’s a great idea.

  • Adam Kappel

    I’m still super hesitant to try joggers. I have pretty atheltic legs and I’m just not sure they’d look right.

    • Adam Kappel

      Following up on that, maybe switch for some slim fit chinos?

      • browneagle44 ロベルト

        Can’t go wrong with ’em.

  • Christopher Pauley

    The jogger trend seems for younger folks. As a 33 yr old from a more rural state I don’t think it’s much of a thing I’m going to jump on. He also seems way cooler than me. The outfit looks good on him though. H&M has some cargo pants that are slimmer fit but not crazy skinny that i ordered recently. Those seem like a good alternative.

    • Andrew


  • TS

    Are there any brands that make joggers in a regular fit or relaxed fit? I have thunder thighs and slim just won’t even work

  • Ross

    Not bad! I’m still on the fence when it comes to wearing Joggers, I find it difficult to use them in any setting other than actually jogging but i’m warming up to the idea. The only thing about this Getup that I absolutely can’t stand and will never consider doing is the hat. I get the casual feel that you are going for here, but to me I can’t justify grabbing any form of brunch wearing that hat. Other than that, not a bad Getup!

  • Seth

    Has any pegged the exact brand of the sweater shown?