Live Action Getup: Don’t Embarrass Your Girlfriend in Front of Her Friends.

Your girlfriend or wife isn’t asking you to wear a tuxedo to dinner with her friends. Your buddies may not care if your shirt has buttons on it, but show your better half that you love and respect her: Make her proud to be hanging on your arm in front of the people she cares about most.

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Seiko Dive WatchMen's zig zag socks from Target

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  • Wyatt

    Again good job Andrew!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Wyatt!

  • John

    Do you have your ON shirts tailored? It might just be my build but they always seem so much boxier on me.

    • Andrew

      I have been lately. The smalls sometimes fit perfectly but they’ll shrink a tad, and the mediums are too big. Nice thing is a $17 shirt plus $15 tailoring = perfect fitting affordable shirt! 🙂

  • Mike Wargo

    I like the style analysis aspect. I’d like to see that in these getups more often

    • Andrew

      Cool! I’ll definitely include more in the future.

    • Adams Tegeler

      Agree, Mike. This is a nice addition.

  • Ray Ballance

    I like it!

  • Paden

    Hey Andrew,
    I noticed the belt is a different shade than the boots. Should we still follow the old adage about matching the two or is ok to choose a different option as long as the shades or colors compliment?

    • Andrew

      Hey Paden! That adage is intended to mean brown with brown, black with black, not specifically the same shades. I rarely match my belt and shoes with the exact same color both because it can be visually annunciating in a bad way and because I don’t want to buy a belt for every shade of brown I have. 🙂 However, when I do, its for the intentional effect of drawing attention to the belt and shoes. I do this most commonly with tan leathers, to brighten an otherwise dark look. (With a lot of navys for example)

      Thanks for the question!

  • Manny Narkrong

    Really digging the new style analysis. Great addition to the already-excellent Live Action Getup posts.

    • Andrew

      Thanks! Happy you like it!!

  • Dennis

    I really like the way you’re explaining why you picked what item. After all one can not always get your excellent outfits. Just thought I’d let you know that. 🙂

    • Andrew

      Awesome! Glad you liked it. It was something that popped up for this one so it’s great to hear it helps.

  • Michael Barbee

    Love this getup

  • Smokey

    You had this same sweater on a previous Getup, and I bought it because of it. It is an awesome sweater and goes great with a Henley and Dark jeans. Gotten tons of compliments and the wife loves it.

    Runs a bit small though jus FYI.

    • Andrew

      Glad you like it! Pairing it with a henley is a sharp idea!

  • Daniel

    I’m actually about to put that same watch on Ebay. I find it to be a bit large for my wrist. Letting it go with a couple of NATO straps too. Heads up if anyone’s looking.

    Another great Getup Andrew.

    • Bernardo

      I also think it’s a tad too big for my wrist, that’s why I have the
      Seiko SKX013. A bit smaller but basically the same watch.

      • Daniel

        Do you find it to be a bit tall, even with the smaller diameter?

        • Bernardo

          It is as tall as the skx007. A bit tall for it’s diameter but nothing that bothered me.

          • Daniel

            Tends to drive me nuts how it gets hung up on everything, and doesn’t fit underneath a shirt cuff, etc.

          • Bernardo

            I know what you mean but what helps is to use the watch a little bit tighter on your wrist so it doesn’t wobble too much.

  • Daniel

    Protip: Clarks has a bunch of great boots on sale. Get an extra 20% off the sale price with code: LDPLXZS2MJ15

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  • Asaad Malik

    Amazing outfit

  • Jared

    Wearing that exact mock-neck from Old Navy today, easy to dress up or down, good stuff!

  • Robert Wallace

    SKX007 is pure gold, I have one from 2001, upgraded it with a sapphire crystal and it runs like a dream! They’re always on watchuseek, usually modded with different hands or crystals.

  • Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

    Love that heathered sweater – moc neck is always so flattering.

  • Daniel

    Andrew, did you go with the small or medium for the ON sweater?

  • Claude Whitfield

    More style analysis please. Really ties the whole article together

    • Andrew

      Thanks Claude, glad you like it!

  • Saul Prado

    Ah man, the sweater is all sold out. Any alternatives?

  • Jeremyah

    great tips and looks, just a tad bit harder for the “bigger” gentleman to find in their size.