Live Action Getup: Autumn Blues

Blue is one of the only colors in our culture that you can wear a whole outfit out of. Could you imagine something similar with red or green? Notice the three different shades: light, medium, dark; and most importantly, the different textures. The rough denim, oxford shirt, and smooth chinos help to further differentiate the colors.

Fall outfit inspiration - The Getup - Autumn Blues

Challenger Blue Fine Nib Fountain Pen Baccini Briefcase Casio Chronograph Fossil Chronograph H&M Scarf Aston Grey Boyle Wingtip H&M Chinos Oxford Shirt Gap Gap Denim Jacket Driving Cap Driving cap The Getup by Primer Primer on Instagram

Fall outfit inspiration - The Getup: Autumn Blues
Where your untucked shirt should end when wearing a cropped jacket

Steve Iannelli graduated from Johns Hopkins University with two degrees in mechanical engineering and now works for the Defense Department as a chemist, because life rarely goes according to plan. In his free time, he plays ultimate Frisbee, runs a custom furniture business, and teaches woodworking classes out of Baltimore's public workshop.

  • Ben

    Excellent observation about blue. It’s long been my favorite color and I’ve been learning a lot about how key texture is as an element. Thanks for the great shoe recommendation as well!

  • Zac Silk

    I’ve got that briefcase on my Christmas list. I know it’s early but I’ve seen it recommended so many times I have to get it.

    You can’t go wrong with Gap’s oxfords, I really like the cut of them.

    • Andrew

      You won’t be disappointed, I love it. 🙂

  • bhoe

    Any body have reviews on the shoes? Been looking for a new pair of wingtips like this, but not familiar with the brand.

    • stathmandu

      I own the exact pair. AMAZING. High quality at a reasonable price. I get compliments on them almost every time I wear them. DSW carries their whole line and there are definitely a few more styles I’ll be purchasing from that brand.