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Free men's style inspiration for spring

Hey guys! I've received a ton of emails in the last couple of weeks about your frustrations on dressing well in spring. It's cold one minute, hot the next, with crazy rain showers thrown in all over. Living in Los Angeles, I know exactly what you're going through. It can be 90 degrees at noon and 50 degrees at nine.

Dressing sharp in the summer is hard because we can't use layers to provide texture and interest.

So to help out, I've put together this guide with 18 of my favorite spring outfits that'll keep you dapper and comfortable. With options for all temperatures and weather as well as casual, smart casual, and dressy.

And they're affordable too, with most items costing less than $60. This ebook is FREE for subscribers. The best part? Subscribing is free too!

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Men's Spring Style Inspiration

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