50 Winners! Ties & Socks for Christmas Giveaway with Ties.com!

50 Winners! Ties & Socks for Christmas Giveaway with Ties.com!
We've never had a giveaway with this many winners!

Personal style is only as strong as your weakest link. What does that mean? Imagine you’re on a date and you rock a pair of raw denim jeans perfectly matched with a shirt & blazer… but it all falls apart because you don’t address the details. Your tie is mismatched because, well, you only own a few, your collar points are turning up, and your socks (should you, ahem, be in a position to remove your shoes at any point in the evening) are the same thing you wear to the gym. The moral of the story: Don’t be the crappy tie and sock guy.

A stylish tie is a conversation starter and statement maker, and Primer is thrilled to announce we’re giving away FIFTY $20 gift certificates to Ties.com, the perfect place to find ties and accessories online. Minding details like tie, pocket square, tie bar, and socks can take a good outfit and make it compelling and fashion-forward, and with 30% off essential items storewide it’s the perfect time to pick up some choice pieces.

Hailing from Orange County, CA, the team at Ties.com have combined affordable style with superior quality to take the men’s accessory business by storm. They don't think a sharp looking, quality tie should cost $70. They work directly with their manufacturers to ensure solid workmanship on each tie. It also enables them to pivot quickly to new trends and materials.  They’ve brought a single-minded focus on customer satisfaction to their business with free shipping and a hassle-free 100-day return policy.

Check out Ties.com and you’ll quickly realize the spending power $20 gives you. The vast majority of their stock comes in at $20 or under, and with free shipping you’re not shelling out extra to claim your prize.

Ties have a bad rep as the quintessential lazy Christmas gift, but we disagree. Rocking a fresh tie (not to mention cufflinks, socks, and tie bar) is the ideal way to make your look pop at the office Christmas party or family gathering. If you’re gifting, it’s a guaranteed pleaser for the stylish guy in your life. Enter to win one of FIFTY $20 gift certificates and start sprucing up your holiday style.

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Ties.com Has Hundreds of Ties & Accessories. Here are a few Primer Picks:

(Prices listed with 30% off code “EGGNOG30”)


Charcoal Cotton Yuma Tie – $14

Ideal for more casual applications, its texture makes this tie understated and eye-catching. White yarn is interwoven over a charcoal base to achieve the look.


Hunter Green Molly Skinny Tie  – $14

Pair with a grey suit for a distinctive, casual look with lots of texture and character.


Bohol Skinny Tie – $17.50

A dark gray or blue tie with white flecks is a must-have. Pair with a grey or blue suit of any fabric for a subtle look that approaches formal without being aggressive about it.


Seagoville Skinny Tie – $14

Ah, the prep-school navy tie with white and red accents. Many an Abercrombie model has worn it as a belt or headband during photo shoots. But the strong identity of this tie makes it ripe for subversion: pair with a rakish jacket or a classic sweater for a timeless look.


Vice Tie Bar – $14

Minimal, functional, classy, the Vice tie bar (no relation to the hipster news outlet, though likely worn by a number of their employees) is an essential style detail.


Argyle & San Juan Capistrano Socks – $7 / each

If the devil is in the details, then these socks are definitely the details.


Williams Pocket Square – $7

A modified window pane or Glenn check with a touch of red makes this an excellent formal accessory.


Cedar Tie Rack – $15

If you’re going to collect the right tie for each of the major outfits in your arsenal, you need a way to organize them. Do it right with a cedar tie rack-slash-organizer that keeps silk and cotton fresh and pest-free.

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Ties.com holiday 2016

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Josh Deitch

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    I’ve always been in the need for interesting socks, and a conversation piece in a tie never hurt anyone

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  • Justin Ferrell

    Because quality goods are priceless…even better when they’re free! Happy Holidays!

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    An upgrade on some ties and socks would come in handy for post grad interviews.

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    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

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    I have been wanting to get into bow ties, so I would snag this one: http://www.ties.com/american-necktie-co.-blue-and-orange-blue-pre-tied-bow-tie

    (Also my school colors so I could wear it at graduation!)

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