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    Hey Andrew, just a heads up that the jacket is Old Navy but the picture says Target.

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      Thanks so much for the heads up Chris!

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    Here is a 2 under $1 deal (southern California)… If you want to change your entire house/apt to LED bulbs it will usually cost $4 or so per bulb. If you can get to an immigrant store (hispanic/arab/asian) Southern California Edison is subsidizing LED bulbs. You can get a 60w equivalent (800 lumens) for 50 cents a piece. Your local immigrant store may have similar deals as well. Also, contact your local energy utility to find out what state/government subsidies are available and what stores you can find them.

    On a side note… why go to a major grocery store chain when you can go to an immigrant store and pay 70% less on average? I can buy three pounds of oranges for $1, sometimes five pounds of apples for $1, six cucumbers for a $1. Prices are absolutely amazing and I have seen one of the big grocery stores delivering to these other grocery stores (Ralphs/Kroger delivering to Buy Low).

    Pricing example… http://buylowmarket.com/images/weeklyad/W_TopValu-0518-vA.pdf

    Seriously, why pay 80 cents for one orange at Trader Joes when you can get three pounds for almost the same price. Instead of spending $80 on produce, Im spending like $15. I work hard for my money, you dont get rich wasting it.

    • Reply August 31, 2016


      you get what you pay for – appliances and electronics are often knock-offs that don’t work properly, and food is often old, or imported from Mexican farms and processing plants with inferior health standards. 80 cents for a pound of Oranges, plus a free side of Montezuma’s Revenge

      • Reply September 1, 2016


        The LED light bulbs I bought say “Subsidized price courtesy of Southern California Edison”. I doubt SCE would allow knock offs or unsafe products that arent tested or rated.

        As for food, all of my major grocery stores sell the majority of their produce from Mexico, even though California has tons of farms everywhere. It makes no sense unless you factor in state/national trade agreements and profit margins for the big stores. If you step into an immigrant store, you will find most of the produce comes from local regions. Even Trader Joes produce comes from Mexico and further south.

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    Just curious, whats the life on those bulbs? I wouldn’t mind having them just because it’d be nice to be able to turn lights on and off with my phone but it’s hard to justify spending so much on a light bulb. I’ve though about buying the smart switches that can be turned on off with an app instead.

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