Year in Review: 60 Can’t-miss Primer Features from 2016

Year in Review: 60 Can’t-miss Primer Features from 2016
Our picks and your favorites of the last 52 weeks.

Live Action Getup Casual Rugged Layers with 2 outfit photos

Live Action Getup: Casual, Rugged Layers

Primer reader Pyung steps out in a refined yet rugged look by layering a conservative oxford shirt with his more casual workwear like this mid-layer henley, and his favorite worn-in denim jacket.

You are here- your life visualized

Your Life in Weeks, Visualized: How to Quit Procrastinating and Actually Start Living [Interactive]

If you have two seconds to spare, we'd like to show you something. It's the rest of your life, plotted out week-by-week until you're dead.

Live Action Getup Don\'t Embarrass Your Girlfriend

Live Action Getup: Don’t Embarrass Your Girlfriend in Front of Her Friends.

Your girlfriend or wife isn’t asking you to wear a tuxedo to dinner with her friends. Your buddies may not care if your shirt has buttons on it, but show your better half that you love and respect her: Make her proud to be hanging on your arm in front of the people she cares about most.

The 5 most important thins I learned by 25

The Five Most Important Things I Learned By 25

It isn't what we thought adulthood was going to be. It's better.

Four tricks to jumpstart your finances in the new year

4 Tricks to Jumpstart Your Finances in the New Year

Only 8% of us actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions. Tackle the behaviors holding you back with these 4 tricks that will jumpstart your finances in 2016.

How to get ready for a big date

How to Get Ready for a Big Date – A Visual Guide

Whether it's your first date or five year anniversary, we'll give you everything you need to win her heart

A room featuring free art to download

Bedroom Redo: Download All of this Art for Free!

Because it shouldn't cost one month's rent to hang things on your wall.

A close up of a watch strap - comprehensive guide to watch straps

A Comprehensive Guide to Watch Straps

A visual glossary to the other half of a watch's appearance.

Warm in a Blizzard Live Action Getup

The Getup: Warm in a Blizzard

Because you still have to get where you're going.

Scrooge jumping into gold coins while boys watch on

What to Do If You Win the Lottery: A Complete Guide to Money, Fame, and Losing It All

Hint: Change your name, address, and phone number, don’t give any to ANYONE and pray you don’t get bankrupt, sued, or murdered.

Designing Dev\'s Apartment from Master of None

Designing Dev’s Apartment from Master of None: An Interview on Decorating Your Place with Emmy Award Winning Production Designer Amy Williams

Completely intimidated on retrofitting your first post-Ikea home? Get the step by step from someone who does it for a living with a wide range of budgets.

3 Pairs of shoes, 3 outfits

The Getup: 3 Pairs of Shoes, 3 Outfits

When you’re frustrated with your closet, create a new look with a simple change in footwear.

A doctor holding a baby

How to Calm a Crying Baby, As Told By a Pediatrician of 30 Years

Dr. Hamilton, a pediatrician in Santa Monica, CA shows how to calm a crying baby using “The Hold”.

A gray bedroom

Bedroom Redo: A Breakdown Analysis and Links to Buy Everything in This Room!

The final part in our bedroom renovation series and the reasoning behind the items.

Outfit inspiration- Live Action Getup Downtown LA Creative Meeting

Live Action Getup: Downtown LA Creative Meeting

Dressing for a client meeting in an incredibly casual industry in an incredibly casual city can be baffling. I photographed Primer reader Shane right after a pitch to a client. Guess what? He got the project.

Never Iron Again The $30 Steamer that works

Never Iron Again: The $30 Steamer That Works

No more throwing clean but wrinkled things in the hamper, you lazy bastard.

Fall Getup Week The Modular Fall Lunch Date photos

Fall Getup Week: The Modular Fall Lunch Date + 5 Variations!

When you start with a strong foundation, creating new outfits is a breeze. Here we start with a chambray shirt and light gray denim and create a limitless number of outfits.

What I learned from buying and wrecking my childhood dream car - Ford bronco

What I Learned from Buying (And Wrecking) My Childhood Dream Car

A moment of silence for a fallen friend.

5 Classic watches and their frugal alternatives

5 Classic Watches and Their Frugal Alternatives

These handsome, budget-friendly timepieces will have to hold you over until you're pulling in the big bucks.

A man in front of a black car parked on a hill

Live Action Getup: Modern Men’s Summer Style

Looking intentional and interesting in summer can feel downright impossible, especially when you want to rock a t-shirt. This outfit has all your favorites – a soft tee, comfy jeans, and lightweight boots – but their unique features make this deal look designer.

Coping with cheating part 1

Coping with Cheating, Part 1 – When Your Heart Has Been Crushed

One of the most devastating things that can happen to you. We talk with relationship experts on how to move forward.

Dead Simple Homemade Artisan Bread That Will Amaze Your Dinner Date

Dead-Simple Homemade Artisan Bread That Will Amaze Your Dinner Date

You won’t believe how easy it is to make stunning, delicious bread. I didn’t. And there’s no need to knead!

The $90 leather briefcase with prime shipping

The $90 Leather Briefcase with Prime Shipping

The best leather briefcase under $100.

Double Live Action Getup - Creating modern outfits with sneakers

DOUBLE Live-Action Getup: Creating Modern Looks with Sneakers

Multiply the number of outfits you can make by introducing the RIGHT sneakers.

A desk with a diy lamp

Make This Super Simple DIY Side Table Lamp with Phone Charging Option

You won't believe how easy it is to make this beautiful, affordable DIY side table lamp.

All in a Days work article header image

A 24 Hour Step-by-Step Guide To Building Muscle, Living Lean, and Having More Energy

A breakdown of exactly what you should do every day to build muscle, shed fat, and feel awesome.

Fall Getup Week Crushing Monday outfit with vest, sweater and blue pants

Fall Getup Week: Crushing Monday

Get a great start to the week with a smart casual look that is as comfortable as it is stylish. This Getup makes use of all the textures and patterns, from the thick cable knit sweater, gingham shirt, and brushed pants to the padded sections of the vest.

6 home essentials every guy should own

The Intentional Apartment: 6 Home Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Making your home feel like home.

The best weekender bags under $150

The Best Weekender Bags Under $125

Head out of town in style with these affordable weekender bags.

5 simple steps to make friends and be magnetic in any social event

Don’t Know Anyone At The Party? 5 Simple Steps to Make Friends And Be Magnetic At Any Social Event

Don't get stuck in the corner alone: Learn how to feel comfortable and natural while talking to strangers.

How an untucked casual shirt should fit header image

How an Untucked Casual Shirt Should Fit – A Visual Guide

Learn how to get the best fitting untucked shirt with our essential infographic.

A man riding a skateboard - LIve Action Getup - Venice, CA

Live Action Getup: Dressing Well in the Super Casual Office

Standing out is great, but dressing UP isn’t dressing well if it’s not appropriate for where you’re going. Especially in a town like Venice, California that’s steeped in casual beach culture, striking the balance of business and casual is tough.

Spotting the spark in a new relationship - two people kissing

Spotting the Spark in a New Relationship: The Law of “Fuck Yes or No”

Deciphering modern romance.

Upgrade - chinos - closeup of pants

The Upgrade: Chinos

When you’re ready for better quality, start with these 9 brands.

Fall Getup Week - Looks like trouble - outfit with leather jacket

Live Action Getup: Looks Like Trouble

Prepping up the leather jacket.

A man pointing at himself - Looking out for number one

Looking Out For Number One: Why You Have to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Others

You have to have something before you can give it away.

The Getup Heat Wave - outfit with shorts and sneakers

The Getup: April Heat Wave

Wasn't I just wearing 5 layers the other day?

The Upgrade 12 beautiful wallets made in north america

12 Beautiful Wallets Made in North America

12 Beautiful Wallets Made in North America

Bottles of Japanese whisky

An Introduction to Japanese Whisky

Some of the world's best whiskies aren't from Scotland. A history and first selections for Japanese whisky.

30 affordable home picks for getting the industrial look - side table

30 Affordable Home Picks for Getting the Industrial Look for Less

No more tears as you toss that Restoration Hardware catalog into the recycling bin. We've got you covered with affordable alternatives.

Spring Getup inspiration, Havana Club

Live Action Getup: Havana Club

Inspired by warmer weather, Obama’s visit to Cuba, and the potential to actually buy the one and only Havana Club in the USA in the not too distant future.

Settle Down or Sleep Around graphic

Settle Down or Sleep Around: The Confusing Mixed Messages We Receive About The Purpose of Our 20s

In one corner, your parents, peers, and tradition; in the other, pop culture and a macho society. It's a bloody battle.

Live Action Getup Conversation Starts graphic with dog

Live Action Getup: Conversation Starters

A walk in the park, a good book, and your cute dog are the perfect ingredients to meet someone new on a day in early spring.

BBQ Basics - the sauces and the meats

BBQ Basics: The Sauces & The Meats

Carolina or St. Louis? Brisket or Pork shoulder? This summer, navigate the maze of sauce styles, meat cuts, and cooking methods of barbecue.

A man sitting at a beach

Sun of a Beach! A Man’s Guide to Beachwear

What to pack and wear when heading out for some sun, sand, and sea.

5 days, 5 hair styles, 1 haircut

5 Days, 5 Hairstyles, 1 Haircut – We’ll Show You How to Have Better Hair, Everyday

We'll show you how to style 1 haircut 5 different ways, simply and quickly.

Relaxing with purpose - the fundamentals of strategic self-care

Relaxing With Purpose: The Fundamentals of Strategic Self-Care

Because just turning your brain off isn't the same as relaxing.

Fall Getup Week - Hearty Textures outfit inspiration with sweater and tan pants

Fall Getup Week: Hearty Fall Textures

It's Fall Getup Week once again, which means we step into a cooler season and look even cooler doing it. This Getup mixes gray-dominant tones while matching strong, hearty textures for fall.

Jackson Wayne briefcase article title

The Beautiful American-Made, Full Grain Leather Briefcase That’s Cheaper Than Its Competitors

The briefcase you've been waiting for.

5 complete looks with 1 pocket t-shirt

5 Complete Looks with 1 White Pocket T-Shirt

Great style CAN be simple. How to wear a pocket t-shirt 5 different ways.

Live Action Getup spring transition with 7 waxed jacket options

Live Action Getup: Spring Transition + 7 Waxed Canvas Jacket Options

As winter fades away, we exchange the warm bulky jackets for versatile thinner ones capable of protecting us from surprise rain showers. The classic waxed canvas jacket made famous by Barbour is the perfect option. Luckily, there are quite a few budget alternatives as well.

The summer jacket buyers guide and getup

The Summer Jacket: Buyer’s Guide & Live Action Getup

Our picks for staying cool AND warm.

Opening up the bedroom, are you really a monogamist article header

Opening Up the Bedroom: Are You Really a Monogamist?

Stepping out—either in thought or deed—is conventionally regarded as a symptom of an unhealthy relationship. But what if the exact opposite were true? With insight from doctors, sex therapists, and relationship experts.

Men We Wish We Were - Ernest Shackleton

Men We Wish We Were: Ernest Shackleton

Every month Primer is recognizing a different individual for their accomplishments, cultural significance, and general awesomeness. This month: Ernest Henry Shackleton.

Fall Style Inspiration Album

Huge Fall Style Inspiration Album

Over 200 ideas for transitioning to autumn.

Gentlemanly Advice header with title

Gentlemanly Advice: The Girl I’m Dating Just Told Me She Has Herpes. How Do I Handle This Maturely?

Answering your questions, man to man.

How to recondition a pair of wolverine 1000 mile boots

How to Recondition Your Favorite Pair of Boots PLUS Video!

Learn how to revive and care for your favorite boots, like my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots.

A person standing in front of a subway

Suck at Talking to Attractive Women? 5 Social Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them (Including Word-for-Word Scripts)

Finally! Here is a woman to set us straight on what we’re doing wrong when we talk to them.  A guest post from communication coach Katrina Razavi.

7 genius services changing the way men shop

7 Genius Services Changing the Way Men Shop

Guys stereotypically hate to shop – these innovative brands make it painless.

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