Fall Getup Week: Casual Office to Night Out

You’ll be the best dressed man in every room you’re in today – from cubicle to cocktail bar.

What to wear to a casual office - Casual office men's style inspiration

Casual office style inspiration - gold sweater

Pete and Pedro PasteLevi's raw denim trucker jacketJ Crew Harwick briefcaseMelange blazer HMSeiko ChronographCombat Gent Black SneakerGap Merino wool sweaterOriginal Penguinexprss pantsDior SauvageThe GetupPrimer instagram

Cocktail bar men's fall fashion inspiration

If you don't have a pair of black leather sneakers for your evenings you're missing out on a great way to keep up your level of style while including a more contemporary element. They're chameleons – they look great with practically everything. Full write up on these top grain leather options by Combatant Gentlemen coming soon.

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  • Rushil

    This is a really good get up. And J. Crew factor has some decent textured wool pants for half the price that are worth looking at.

  • tim r

    What’s the quality /comfort / build of the Toecap shoes? Looking at black leather kicks for the winter and these were on the shortlist but I haven’t read any feedback about their quality yet. Any input?

    • Barry B

      I want to say if the quality of the sneakers are anything like their suede chelsea boots then they will be sturdy. Attention to detail, people always think I spent $100+ for them and I it was under 80 bucks with shipping. I plan on those exact sneakers next. Wonder what Andrew thinks

  • jbird669

    I really dig this outfit! Also, I’m thinking it’s definitely time to add a Denim jacket to my wardrobe.

  • Ruben.

    Do you recommend wearing a shirt under that sweater or nothing? Like a deep v shirt maybe? Thanks.

    • JT

      Always wear a shirt underneath. Keep the v going so it doesn’t jump out at you, but having, especially a wool sweater and nothing under… Itch and no thanks! Plus.. Think layers. When you get in somewhere warm, you’d wanna be able to peel it off.

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      You can, like JT says, but I don’t. Specifically here in Southern California it can be too hot, but with this Merino wool (smooth, soft) it’s not scratchy at all. I’m not wearing one in the photos above and I wore that outfit the whole day and never had a thought about it.

  • Alex Bear

    I would love to see any pictures if you got any with the denim jacket!

  • Gator996

    I wear Sauvage everyday. The ladies dig it.

  • Rory

    Are the actual pants in the post the Express pants, or are they from somewhere else? Thanks!

    • http://www.primermagazine.com/ Andrew

      The ones in my photo are from Old Navy last fall and aren’t available anymore unfortunately. I tried to designate that with “similar” but I apologize if that wasn’t clear.

      • Rory

        No worries, thanks for the reply!

  • guest

    Any black canvas sneaker alternatives that aren’t Chucks? Not crazy about the nylon on the Seavees.

  • Matt M

    Would love a review on those Combat Gent sneakers

  • Andy Dronberger

    Any alternatives to the shoes? I really love these but they don’t run in a 13. I haven’t found any others that I like as much.