The Getup: The Trendy Summer Pool Party

Some times hanging out at a pool is a relaxing way to spend a lazy afternoon – other times they’re at designer hotels, as much a scene as any cocktail lounge. Here’s how to do it right while staying comfortable.

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  • Caesar Merlin

    This HM swimming trunk might be a cheaper alternative to the Jcrew one

  • Dave S

    Great call on those shirts! Got both colors!

  • Shawn

    Not a fan of the shoes, could you list some other options? How about Sperrys or Vans?

  • Jose

    Loving the amount of post these last couple weeks more is better!

  • Ross

    I’m wondering, since it is a pool party and a majority of the time will be spent out of the water, if there is a specific under garment that should be worn under the shorts? I’m not familiar with the protocol of pool parties but I know I would feel better if I was wearing an under garment underneath the shorts. Any suggestions? I was thinking the American Eagle Performance Trunk underwear but I wasn’t sure what the proper procedure was.

    • Andrew

      You can always wear underwear under your trunks, but these are lined so it may make it uncomfortable. It’s the ones without lining that you’d want to definitely wear underwear with.

    • Dave S

      Like Andrew said you can but the problem with regular underwear is it’s all cotton and doesn’t dry like a bathing suit will so you’ll still be wet long after you get out of the water. Kind of uncomfortable.

      • Ross

        I realize that regular underwear would not dry as well and would be uncomfortable. But the underwear that I mentioned is a Polyester/Spandex blend.

  • Dave S

    Update on the shirts: Bought both colors and for $12 bucks each it was a steal but they’re wayyyyyy too heavy for a pool party shirt. Basically an oxford. Also, they’re “slim fit” but not too slim. Modern fit 1MX is cut much slimmer in all areas. I’ll wear em to work but probably not to the beach.

    5’9 185 lbs. 42 chest, 16.5 neck, 33 sleeve. Size purchased: large

    • Ross

      Not a big fan of the 1MX shirts from express. I have owned a bunch in the past and they are very slim (almost too much so) and are impossible to iron or keep from wrinkling. Had to get rid of all of them.

  • Steeps

    I really like the look of that navy swim short… but it doesn’t appear on the website any more.

    • Ross

      Steeps. That’s the down part (one of only a few) of J Crew Factory. Because they have such a great looking design/product and at great prices. items tend to sellout quicker than other companies. I highly recommend checking the clearance of the site just in case your size is still available. But in the future it’s alway best to buy an item right away from J. Crew Factory to guarantee its availability.

  • Caesar Merlin

    Should be noted that the swimming trunks tend to fade very quickly even with proper care.