The Getup: Thanksgiving Dinner

Great family, great food. Look and feel your best.

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  • Matthew Nasser

    That sweeter is actually only $32 right now! Might need to pick up a few!

    • Andrew

      Awesome! Thanks for the update.

  • bryclops

    The size chart on the coat made me lol. “US Medium / Asian 3XL”

    Great outfit, Andrew. Love the shirt in particular, though I’d probably go gray chambray because I’m way too cheap to drop dress shirt money on a flannel (can’t wear them for work, extra warmth not justified in my region).

    • Andrew

      Haha I noticed that too.

      I have this shirt that could work too:

      • bryclops

        Well, looky there. That’s a price point I can handle. Thanks!

      • John

        Stinks those ON are back at $35, I got all three earlier in the season (3-4 weeks ago) and there were closer to $15 each. Still a great shirt even at $35 though.

    • SharePointJoe

      I had to take a triple take. So funny.

  • Steven

    The link for the scarf takes me to the cream and tan plaid, but the color of your picture seems to more match the brown. Is the link pointing to the incorrect scarf or are the colors just off in the picture?


    • Kyle Hicks

      Amazon is notoriously bad about links and specific colors/options. It looks like the one pictured is the Tan Check model, not the Cream and Tan Plaid the link defaults too. Hope this helps!

      • Andrew

        Yeah that’s correct, Amazon is really annoying to link to specific colors. It’s Tan Check, third row, third from the right.

  • anónimo

    Those jeans are on super sale right now! $25 today only.

    • Andrew

      Nice! I’m going to snag another pair.

    • John

      The online price is showing $69. $25 sounds almost too good to be true. Am I looking in the wrong place? BTW, great site

      • anónimo

        If you click the link, it’ll take you to the pants. From here, on the left side of the page, you’ll see a blinking banner ad. Click that for Men’s and it’ll show you all of the pants that are $25. I just picked up 2 pair for $50 and shipping is free for orders over $50.

        • Andrew

          Unfortunately for this jacket. Plenty of other great options in that color though.

  • Raymond Munoz

    I own these boots! They’re a nice, cheap buy for leather boots.

  • Marc

    That jacket is great but reviews say it runs very small. I guess you’re kinda screwed if you are a size Large or more?

    • laydownlarry

      Yeah I think I’d be a L, but M has free returns… so I think I’m going to give that a shot first.

  • etpiersel

    I can’t decide on Beige or Cream-Color for that jacket, but either way I love it!

  • juliomadiaga

    That Seiko is an homage to the Omega moon watch. Looks really good.

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    Too bad the down jacket runs in Asian sizes (WAY small). I’m Irish, so I’m built like a damn Ox. Love the style, though!

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    Protip: If you’ve got them, hit up your outlet stores. Almost every one of these guys has an outlet/factory store ten miles from where I live, and they’re almost always on sale.

  • Mike Wargo

    For those whose chest are too big for J. Crew, Target has a very similar sweater for half the cost in big and tall

    • Andrew

      Awesome, thank you!

  • Israel

    I really like your work Andrew.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Israel! I really appreciate that!

  • Ross

    Nailed this look! Everything from top to bottom is perfect! Great Job Andrew!

  • Taylor Uhls

    I can’t find the right color when I click the link for the duffel bag