The Getup: Hey! Spring = Hot.

For those of us who said goodbye to jackets months ago.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

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  • brandon_ROTU

    Love this one. #HotTake

  • Steeps

    I would personally like to recommend Dockers Pacific Short, they’re great, they fit really well too:

  • Dillon Carter

    Buying the canvas duffle for sure using your link! About time I can give back to this amazing site 🙂

    I’ve been looking for an affordable duffle exactly like this for a long time, but they are always way to expensive for my taste. Finally a solution lol.

  • SalPic

    Yeah it’s already 80-90 here in Central Florida. You really like those Merona shorts? Old Navy Shirt? They don’t fall apart after 3 washes?

    • Andrew

      Hey Sal! I’m a big Old Navy and Target guy, but if you’re beating them up a lot, you should invest in a better brand.

      • SalPic

        I do a lot of the Gap lived-in wash button-ups (downs? I never know), but to get to the price of the ON one here I need a sale and a code. I am always tempted to go with some Merona shorts, but hesitant. My wife likes Target for clothes too, but she always says “nothing with buttons.”

        • Andrew

          I’ve actually had great luck with their button ups (up or down is correct, though the internet believes that ‘button downs’ refer to shirts with a button down collar – which isn’t consistent if you look across retailers). I have a pair of Merona shorts that I’ve worn for a few seasons now.

        • Nick

          I’ll vouch for the Merona shorts as well. I have a pair that I bought last year and have stood up to regular wear/washes. They fit me very well too.

    • TJ

      I feel you man, I’m in Tampa and the heat is killing me. I’ve got J Crew Factory shorts and shirts, they seem to be lasting ok and the price point is nice during a sale and there seems to be a sale almost every week.

  • John

    Tom’s are so uncomfortable, though. As are Chucks. I would wear PF Flyer’s with this.

  • TJ

    I like that shirt. I love madras and I have several madras shirts, but I could always use more. I never thought to look at old navy. If you’re looking for madras/summer plaid shirts, J Crew Factory always has some and it seems like there’s a sale every week.

  • Jason Schwass

    Just bought this shirt and love it. I’ve never been a fan of Old Navy’s slim fit shirts, mediums were more like larges and smalls were just too small. They finally got it right. I’m 6’2 190lbs and the medium fits me perfectly.

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  • CMR

    man you must be bored. How do you find time to locate these stuff from 10 different stores. Why can’t we just get all at one spot

  • Stewart LaPan

    You guys pride yourselves on practicality, and yet I’m seeing a pair of sunglasses for $95.

  • Josh Houghton

    What exactly does slim and fitted mean in regards to wearing long sleeve shirts with shorts?Being a little overweight is “slim and fitted” still the rule?