The Getup: Get Out of Dodge

There’s something about work stress and summer heat that can make us downright stir crazy. This coming weekend, pack a bag, grab your partner, and hit the road. The destination doesn’t matter – it’s the renewed perspective of freedom that will take you wherever you need to be.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Josh Hayes

    You managed to capture my favourite colour palette in a ‘getup’!
    Fantastic stuff, thanks Andrew.

  • Jason Mailloux

    Can’t forget the best accessory of all – the 1974 MG!

  • Jason M

    Can’t forget the best accessory! The 1974 MG!

  • Charles Lewis

    I love these things, they take all the guesswork out.

  • Ross

    This should be called “Living the Dream” it would be awesome to have a ’74 MG convertible to take on a weekend roadie!

    Overall a pretty good Getup, but my personal taste prefers the 18872 Camper shoe instead of the 18869 Camper. The design of the 18872 is a little sleeker look with fewer lace holes and a simpler design. the 18872 (to me) looks more like a canvas sneaker and I personally prefer that look over the 18869. But again that’s just my preference.

  • Matt

    I noticed Primer is using “partner” and “significant other” in their verbage lately. I celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to allow gay marriage, but these terms are so… politically correct. Why not just say “lady” on some articles and “man” on others? Kinda like how some articles will use “he” or “she” when talking about a nameless third party in a throwaway explanation

    • Andrew

      It’s a clunky time we live in grammatically, there are no standards in style guides yet. I’ve always abhorred the mixed use of he / she, and at worst it can be very confusing in a practical sense. By using female terms some times and males others, we unintentionally apply specificity when there shouldn’t be any. “Five Things to Always Tell the Woman You Love” implies these are things you specifically say to a woman, but if the article is about how to be a generous and courteous partner in any relationship, we’re excluding some readers without purpose. Now, if that article WAS about things you say specifically to a woman, that culturally or technically you wouldn’t say to a male partner, that may be an accurate title. I’m with you in spirit, I don’t like how awkward it makes some titles and sentences, but at this point, while we’re in the wild west of inclusive grammar, I default to not excluding anyone without intention.

      • Matt

        Fair enough. I’m all for inclusiveness, so maybe it’s something we’ll all just get used to.

    • Ross

      Matt, Leave the politically correct B/S out of these discussions. I am so tired of everyone being so uptight and worried about being politically correct ALL THE TIME…just enjoy the article and discussion of the article instead of dragging political issues into it.

  • JP LaForte

    Everything in this ‘Getup’ is spot-on with your consistently thrifty and sharp style. I do take issue with the sneakers, though. Having seen Camper products in person, I can attest to what appears to be a well made product. However, I dislike the ‘Camper’ logo on the back of the shoe. You don’t think it’s the least bit tacky?

    • Andrew

      Glad you like it! I could see that, current trends in designer sneakers are very minimalist and clean, so it does stand out a bit. In terms of other classic sneakers however, Converse, Keds, PF Flyers and Vans have similar logo placements.

  • CryptoReporter

    Paracord bracelet on Aliexpress for $2 with free ship to USA 😉

  • James

    Andrew, can I ask a somewhat related question – would a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors work with a getup like this (or any getup with shorts in general)? I have a gray pair I like but I mostly wear them with pants (usually jeans or casual chinos). I’m not sure if they are a little too “edgy” for a getup like this? Maybe I should get something a little more refined like the Jack Purcell?

    • Andrew

      Hi James, If they’re low top they should work okay, the feel of the look may shift however.

  • bananas1

    That’s not a dive watch.

  • Serafin Nunez

    I have that henley… Thin white henley for me means hello nipples!