The Getup: Business Casual Performance Gear

Where do you really need high performance, the basketball court or the conference room? The items below will keep you looking and feeling your best so you’re focusing on closing deals, not pit stains.

This post made possible by Ministry of Supply, makers of menswear engineered to move. Launched by MIT grads, the company integrates performance technology – like moisture-wicking and stretch – into the classic office 9-to-5 wardrobe. Learn more at

What is this?

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Jesse Coletta

    This is an expensive getup. MoS has always been on my radar, just a bit too pricey. It is a very well put together/thought out outfit, though.

    • Andrew

      Thanks! Yeah, for this one I wanted to feature products that would last/perform and those end up being more of an investment (like the AE’s), but it all comes down to what one’s goals are for the item.

      • DanPatrickFlores

        I haven’t heard of MoS before; I like the feature of staple pieces like these, so that when I upgrade my shirts and pants, I know where to go.

        • Daniel Ornelas

          MoS is a company doing awesome things. They are a bit pricey but are worthy of following. I’m keeping an eye and saving to invest in quality items like theirs. (Note: I found them in a Kickstarter; not paid by them to hype up the brand)

      • proteinnerd

        I’m struggling to find a decent review of the MoS stuff, most of the articles on the web are just reworded press releases or “reviews” by MoS themselves. Any chance of an in-depth review in the near future? or can anyone point me to one already posted?

      • Michael

        Andrew, I appreciate the concept of items that last. I’ve been trying to learn more about long lasting products and brands. I hope you continue this trends. Thanks!

    • Andrew

      Thanks! Yeah, for this one I wanted to feature products that would last/perform and those end up being more of an investment (like the AE’s), but it all comes down to what one’s goals are for the item.

  • ChrisReetz

    Like that watch Andrew, first time I’ve seen it!

  • Dustin Wax

    CItizen Eco-Drive watches are solar-charged, not motion-charged. There’s a thin solar cell underneath the semi-translucent face. They are also pretty great watches!

  • Marc

    Love the concept for the material of the shirt, not willing to try out a brand for $100 (+shipping?) though. Nice look overall.

  • Rich

    Great look, it’s simple but very sharp. Intrigued by the performance aspect.

  • Brian

    Hey gents. This might be a bit random, but I’m 17 years old and trying to clean up my wardrobe. As you can expect, as a 17 year old American teen, it’s not the best of wardrobes. So I’m looking to create a new one from scratch. I can’t really figure out what to get in my wardrobe. Any tips or advice?

    • Daniel Ornelas

      My advice: (Not to step on the toes of the great gentlemen here at Primer) Dark denim jeans, a few white oxford button-down shirts, a chambray button down, khaki chinos, a few henley shirts, a navy blazer, and a few different plaid or small-square pattern design button downs. Mix in some neutral colored, plain t-shirts and you can interchange these pieces as you see fit (especially using Primer get-ups for inspiration for what you already have) to make a variety of different outfits

      • Andrew

        Sounds spot-on to me! Thanks for the great comment!

      • James Winter

        Pretty solid advice. I just want to add on to take it slowly, since you are just now starting to become interested in this your tastes will change (as well as possibly your body) over the next few months. Be patient and go with things that you’re sure you want. Allow time for your sense of style to develop, you can accelerate it by following blogs like this or places like malefashionadvice on reddit.

    • Jonathan

      Hey Brian,

  • Michael

    Big fan of this getup. I just purchased my first pair of AE a few months ago. They are a solid pair of shoes. Also, does the shirt have elastic blended in the fabric? I’m assuming that’s what accounts for the stretch.