The Getup: Best Dressed in a Casual Office

Band tee at work? Not for a Primer man.

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  • Brendon

    I’m a fairly muscular guy and in the past I’ve tried on both the jeans in yesterday’s get-up and the chinos in today’s. Neither fit because they are too small in the thighs. Any suggestions for a swap out?

    • Andrew

      Hey Brandon, We’re actually working on a couple of pieces that deal with that problem! First place to start would be swapping in the straight fit versions. I believe both of those pants come in both slim and straight.

      • Brendon

        Excellent! Thanks. I’ll be looking forward to those pieces too.

        • bhoe

          I have had the same problem. Most of the pants features i can’t get above my knees. Have you tried the combatgent jeans featured in yesterday’s? The slim straight version actually fits nicely.

          • Brendon

            I haven’t. I like Levis and their 513 fits pretty well but still leaves something to be desired.
            I’ll check them out.

          • Andrew

            Thanks for all the help guys! Love the community. 🙂

    • TM

      Brendon: Many pants come in wide range of profiles, ranging from “skinny” to “relaxed.” If you try the “traditional” or “relaxed” fit pants, you’ll have a better chance of them having adequate room in the thighs. Once you find a pair that fits from the waist through the thighs, it’s a simple matter of having a tailor taper the lower legs to a more modern width.

      I recently purchased a couple pairs of Lands Ends chinos in their “traditional” fit. The thighs fit great. The lower legs were somewhat “baggy”, but that was a quick fix with my wife’s sewing machine.

      • Brendon

        Thanks! It seems like the Straight or Regular fit couple with a good tailor is the best answer.

    • Michael

      I generally struggle with pants right but Levi’s 214 are slim and stretchy. Multiple colors

  • Brendon

    Turns out one of Primer’s contributors wrote a pretty good article on this a while back.

  • Matt

    What’s a similar type dress for a warmer weather area?

    • Andrew

      That’s tough because the look hinges on the layering. You could try rocking a vest instead of a sweater, but that can be tough. What do you normally wear to work?

      • Matt

        Usually khakis/chinos and any short sleeve button up with a collar that matches. I’m trying to up my wardrobe game but being from Texas, my layering seasons are few and far between.

        • John

          Lose the sweater and tie, roll the sleeves, wear driver mocs or desert boots instead of work boots. Because it’s hotter where you live, you’ll have to focus on Fit. The only thing you can really change to go with “Fall” is color choice. Ever notice how Spring/Summer is about brighter colors and Fall/Winter more muted or deeper? Like you might wear red in Summer, but go with a Burgundy in Winter. Try that.

    • Casey

      You can do a short-sleeved button shirt (just make sure it’s a more muted “fall” color) with a lighter weight cardigan and regular loafers or lace-ups instead of boots.

  • Jonathan Fabrizi

    Going to be another few months before I can try this one, but it looks promising!

  • Serafin Nunez

    Just can’t bring myself to tight roll my pants… Had enough of that back in 1990…

    • Butch_Zee

      …paired with an oversized B.U.M. sweatshirt and paint-splattered sunglasses.

  • Adam

    My wife bought me that pen many moons ago and I loved the idea of it. Unfortunately, even with the cap stuck to the back (as pictured here) it’s too short to be a comfortable writing instrument. I have fairly average sized hands, so smaller men may find it a good buy, but it’s spent the last few years lost in one of the many boxes that I didn’t bother unpacking the last time we moved.

  • Omer Anwar Al Amin

    You’re a lifesaver!