The Getup: 2 Looks for New Year’s Eve

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Wyatt

    Nice job Andrew!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Wyatt!

  • Ron

    Andrew, thanks a lot for this. I’ve been patiently waiting! You came through once again my friend! I have a big date with a pretty girl that I like and definitely want to impress

    • Andrew

      Awesome, good luck! Which version are you thinking of going with?

      • Ron

        I actually did both! Went with the casual for hanging out during the day and the formal for the NYE celebration. Worked out great, thanks again!

  • Jordan C

    great job as aways, you should keep modeling the outfits cause it gives us a great idea of how they will look when we try them on

    • Andrew

      Thanks Jordan! Those are the Live-Action Getups, and there are several in the works already!

  • John

    Any other slim-fit blazers that you would recommend? I know you can sometimes find some decent ones for under $200 at Zara but if looking for something under $100 just for one or two wears, any suggestions?

    • Andrew

      Yeah, check out H&M, they’re having a big sale right now.

    • Austin

      I’ve had some great success with J Crew Factory’s Thompson Suits, most of which fit me almost perfect off the rack (6’2 210), I believe almost all are on sale right now for right around if not under $200.

  • Erick

    Great article Andrew, always like this getups. The patterns samples on the top are really helpful. i obviously dont go a buy every piece every time, but i go and see whats the closest i can get with what i already have, and try to invest on pieces you guys feature the most. Keep the great work going! Cheers from Mexico

    • Andrew

      Thanks Erick! That’s the exact intention I have for them. I’m glad they help. 🙂

  • Art

    Hey Andrew,

    What would you recommend going to a place like Miami?

    • Andrew

      Looks like it’s going to be low 80’s. Depends on how dressy the event is that you’re going to. You could lose the blazer on the smart casual or ditch the sweater on the dressy.

  • Danny

    As usual, you put together a good outfit. I was interested in that blazer from Jacksthreads until I saw that it was 69% polyester and totally polyester lined. I know you focus on affordability, but that thing would breathe about as well as a sauna. The guys that read this site would be better served buying one better-quality jacket rather than two “fast fashion” pieces like the one above.

  • Justin Audia

    Definetly my favorite Getup ever.