Summer Getup Week: Your Summer Wedding Uniform

Rehearsal dinner, check. Ceremony, check. Destination celebration, check. Wherever your friends and family drag you for their nuptial festivities, start here.

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  • James Preville

    Greetings Andrew;

    Just as a heads up, the Seiko watch is labeled as “Dress Pants (Haggar)”.


    • Allen

      I was going to say, those dress pants look remarkably like a wristwatch. How would you measure the inseam on that? haha
      Pretty solid getup!

      • Andrew

        haha! Blast!! I reread these things a million times. Thanks for the heads up.

  • James Preville

    Great getup by the way!

    Question: How might I alter this look’s accents to match my girlfriend’s indigo dress in a wedding scenario? I want to keep the blazer and the pants, but if I wore a pale blue oxford shirt with a indigo tie, would I be too “blued out”? Cheers.

    • Andrew

      I would actually avoid matching with your girlfriend, it will take away from both of you. Instead, consider complementing her. Actually, this Getup would do that nicely.

      • James Preville

        Much appreciated. Thanks for the advice and for being the perfect go-to website for the 23 y/o male.

        • Julian Veerkamp

          You can also think about switching the white lapel flower with a blue one or adding a blue pocket square, if you really need to match colors.

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  • Max K

    Why so a pic of Uniqlo OCBD but go with Old Navy. Would recommend the broadcloth from Uniqlo for this look.

  • Brandon B. Busbee

    I see the jacket’s image has a pocket square, but it’s not included as an accessory. Thoughts on having a pocket square AND the flower lapel?

    I’m going to be wearing this next week for a wedding so thank you!

  • Sophie Taylor

    I would love to wear best bootcut jeans. I have some pair of it. Its pretty cool.