Summer Getup Week: T-shirt & Shorts Kind of Day

Comfort doesn’t have to mean lazy. Here we use low contrast items to create a sharp summer style.

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  • John

    Tom’s? Are those really comfortable for someone? Maybe I’m just old, but I have high arches and wide feet and can’t wear these “classic” (read: unsupportive) shoes. Maybe you could do a post on either stylish footwear for people who need supportive footwear or how to make classic foot wear supportive? Like these could work, if I switched out the insole for something more supportive:

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  • akhil

    hey can you do an article for hats

    • René Roth

      Easy: don’t wear hats.

    • Rt1583

      Assuming you are the target demographic for this site, wait a few years to rotate hats into your wardrobe. 20 years would be acceptable, but 40 years would be best.

  • Ryan

    If you’re going to wear esperadillas then please choose anything but Tom’s. They’re extremely low quality and usually overpriced. They fall apart in a month.

    • Steeps

      That’s also because you’re purchasing two of them. Since they send the other pair to Argentina for kids.

      I’m just stating their business practice, I still think their shoes are ugly.

  • Butch_Zee

    Out effin standing. With this getup I’d sub the Hugo Boss for Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men.

  • Pen Guin

    Hugo is an awesome scent.

  • Bijutoha

    Remarkable some collection. specially shoe and bag

  • Sophie Taylor

    This is a cool stuff. I really like it. But i love to wear best bootcut jeans. I have some pair of it. Its pretty cool.