Summer Getup Week: Summer Standard

As versatile as it is rakish. As simple as it is sharp.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Ugly


    • Brutal Honesty

      Just like your mother, I’m sure. But thanks for airing your stupidity for us all. That thought could have stayed in your head.

      • Allen

        Countering so-called “stupidity” with your own stupid childish insults about somebody’s mom really just makes you seem like an insecure, classless jerk. Let a troll be a troll rather than lowering yourself to their level.

  • Butch_Zee

    Nice, sharp, clean, classic, safe outfit. Top off the affordable look with a few sprays of Nautica Voyage.

  • Peter Belfry

    I would strongly suggest having a model so we could see what the “getups” actually look like on someone.

    • G

      strongly agree! someone other than andrew though sorry andrew! a taller gent please.

      • Andrew

        I’ll have you know I’m quite tall. haha!

  • jbird669

    To anyone who can wear rolled-up long sleeve shirts in the summer and not sweat profusely, more power to you! I envy you.

    • bowmanvmi

      Doesn’t that just make it a short-sleeved shirt? How do you get cooler from that, a tank top? Ew.

      • jbird669

        Not always sir. Depends on the material as well.

    • Ross

      I have recently purchase four long sleeve shirts from J.Crew Factory and all but one are light weight and breathe very well so this shirt would probably be similar. I highly recommend J.Crew Factory shirts if you are going long sleeve in warm climates.

      • jbird669

        Thanks for the tip man!

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  • Ross

    Big fan of the getups, especially ones like this that are stylish without trying to be. It’s effortless style.

  • Matt M

    If you saw me on a given afternoon in the summer, this is pretty damn close to what I’d be in.

  • ~classics~

    I have had trouble with Timex watches. The face seems way too small for a guys wrist. I like the style though.

  • Jeremy David

    I’ll have to remember to make sure things “compliment” each other. I get caught up “matching” so often. Thanks.