Live Action Getup: Upgrading Your Lazy Casual

They say a man’s true character shows when nobody is looking. The same can be said for a man’s style when he’s not obligated to wear a specific level of dress. Here, we show you how to ditch the hoodie and long sleeve graphic tee, without sacrificing ease or comfort.

Casual Fall Men's Style - M65, Henley, Gray Denim, Red Wings
The Getup Fall Casual Men's Style

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • John

    The Rothco version of the M65 is less expensive, although made overseas. Both have the option of a quilted liner. Size down jeans with stretch.

    Andrew what is your inseam measurement versus the inseam on the pants in the picture? They look a little short on you. I have a 30.5 inch inseam which means unless the 30 is a generous 31, I have to get 32s or 34s and hem or cuff.

    • Andrew

      Hey John, That’s just because I’m walking. These are some of my favorite pants right now because they’re slim but you can still wear them with boots. Mine are 30×30’s.Here’s another photo:

      • browneagle44 ロベルト

        CG is my new favorite brand.

  • Alex

    Just FYI that M65 is on Massdrop at the moment. Potentially down to 109!

    • Andrew

      Nice! Great find. Here’s the link for those who are interested:

      • DapperedHoo

        Andrew–I’ve been looking at trying out the Alpha M65 for a while now and had read alot of people saying to size at LEAST one size down. What was your experience with sizing? Did you just go with the regular or slim size M65 as well?

        • Andrew

          Hey Dappered,

          I’ve always heard to size at least one size down for the Alpha also. I’m sort of in a weird sizing situation right now since I’ve slimmed down my torso but added size to my shoulders. I’m finding that I can do regular fit small or slim fit medium, but it’s inconsistent across brands.

          The jacket shown is an unavailable m65 knockoff, but I did spend time trying the Alpha M65, I found the regular small fit like a jacket should; the regular x-small still fit and was slimmer, but I wouldn’t have been able to wear a sweater or sweatshirt underneath. So I’d still say err on the smaller side but don’t go super small. I didn’t have any slim’s available to try on, but the Alpha m65 has built in waist drawstring suppression so you can slim it as necessary.

          You can actually find them locally at most Army/Navy Surplus stores so you can try them on (and support local business too!). At mine the Alpha M65 was cheaper than the online price, but not as cheap as the Massdrop price.

          • DapperedHoo

            Thanks for the reply Andrew. Will have to go check out my local Army/Navy Surplus store for the M65 and maybe a Peacoat as well. Appreciate the help. Great site.

      • Rt1583

        What is massdrop and is it truly worth opening my email to yet another avenue of crap that I don’t want to look at to get past their signup requirement?
        Is it basically a clone of Huckberry and other sites of the like?

  • Vincent Adultman

    If I could only get 1 field jacket would you recommend, brown or blue?

  • Alex

    Hey Andrew – good lookin’ getup. What size in the jacket are you wearing?

  • Mike Rogers

    Hi Andrew! Really love the site and quality info.

    Have you tried the Chippewa Service Boots? I currently have a pair in Cordovan that are quite miserable. Curious if the Beckman or Apache boots would be more comfortable.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Mike! I really appreciate that!

      My Apache’s out of the box are more comfortable than the Beckman’s. (Wearing the Chippewas right now.) I haven’t tried the service boots, but I imagine it would be similar.

  • Dan McKeown

    Andrew, I like this Getup a lot! Quick question though. How do you think those boots would hold up to DC winters? Thank you in advance!

    • Andrew

      Hey Dan, Glad you like it! I grew up in PA and went to school in DC, what part are you in? These are a great choice for DC winters because of their lug sole. Unlike the Thousand Mile and Red Wing Iron Ranger, these should keep you vertical on slippy surfaces. Just make sure to care for the leather, and you’ll be good. (Get shoe trees too, to help draw out the moisture and keep their shape.)

      • Dan McKeown

        I don’t actually live in DC at the moment, but am actually moving to Germany. I was told the climate is similar to the NOVA area and recalled from your bio that you went to American. I do go to Crystal City every so often for work though. I say this now, but I can’t wait to get an assignment to DC. LOL. Have you seen the new Iron Rangers with the “lug sole”? I don’t think it’s quite a lug sole, but they aren’t leather.

        • Dan McKeown
          • Andrew

            Yeah I dig it! It’s a mini lug.

          • Dan McKeown

            It looks really nice. Luckily there is a Red Wing store here in town and they have the Iron Ranger with the leather sole. I want to try them on in person before I starting looking for them online.

          • John

            I’ve got a pair of the Vibram rubber soled Oxblood Mesa. The leather is softer and break-in quicker than the cork soled Iron Rangers (comparing to my Amber Harness pair). Wish they had more colors with the Vibram sole, but the Oxblood is sharp.

          • Dan McKeown

            Agreed on the color options. I guess I need to see the Oxblood in person to figure if it’s something I want to get, but wish they had the Amber Harness with the lugs as that color is awesome.

    • Andrew

      And here’s a picture of the soles

      • Dan McKeown

        No pic…

  • Butch_Zee

    Andrew, you look like you’re about to kick someone’s ass.

    • Andrew

      Haha is that a good thing or a bad thing? Taking photos where I don’t look like an ahole is the hardest part of doing these! 🙂

      • Butch_Zee

        Definitely a good thing.

  • Hiren Bhagchandani

    Hey Andrew, been religiously following up with your work, articles and guides to being as dapper as a man can be. Being from India, Aisa, usually the winters aren’t that exteme to pair up more than two layers, three at the most. I was simply wondering, if there could be a couple of articles and get-up guides based on what I’ve mentioned above.

    Great to read up and follow your guides otherwise. Looking forward to more of these! Cheers!✌

  • Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

    Such a great upgrade post! It take only minor changes to make a major difference. That Alpha Industries is so sharp.

    • Andrew

      Thanks Brittany!

  • Leo

    I love blue Jackets, great combination

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  • Luis

    Like always Andrew, great look!

  • Wyatt

    Any other alternative to the grey jeans? My size is sold out.

  • archie_stanton

    Bad-ass look. Love how a few simple swaps make it look like you’re ready to go Get Shit Done.