Live-Action Getup: The Speakeasy

A certain kind of bar, an easy-going joint with a classy veneer – a lot like you.

Andrew is the founder and editor of Primer. He's a graduate of American University and currently lives in Los Angeles. Read more about Primer on our About page. On Instagram: @andrewsnavely and @primermagazine.

  • Justin

    Hey Andrew,
    Are those the skinny or straight version of the pants? And if they are the skinny one, do you feel they fit true to size?

    • Andrew

      Hey Justin, mine are the slim version and true to size I’d say. Thanks for reading!

      • DJ

        Sage green does not come in the Slim version – only the skinny… so I’m a little confused

  • Dane Elliot

    Hey Andrew,
    Just noticing that you went very light with the whole outfit. Any reason you wouldn’t go darker on the belt/shoes/pants? Thought since speakeasy type places are ususally darker you would go with something more…myterious.

    • Andrew

      Hey Dane, You could definitely go darker and it’d be a great look. This is a little more “spring” and I liked the idea of playing with lighter tones without sacrificing the overall images/casualness.

      • Dane Elliot

        I think lighter is underrated personally. Most people don’t go for them, but done right it looks very sharp. Love the Get-Up posts. Keep ’em coming!

  • Marc

    Andrew or others,

    How’s the quality on ties? Similar to TheTieBar (same price range at least)? Worse? Better and more on par with ____?

    • Andrew

      I have a silk knit tie from them, I’d say it’s on par with The Tie Bar.

      • Marc

        That’s unfortunate. I have three silk knits from TTB and one has a tear after three wears.

        • Brian Six

          Bad luck. I wear a handful of tie bar ties and they’ve all held up great. I can’t imagine ever buying a tie for more than $20 now.

          • Marc

            March 1 TTB is upping their prices. Might have to soon.

          • Andrew

            I agree with Brian, I have at least 3 and love all of them. I’ll never spend more than $25 for a tie again.

  • Rand

    Pant color? Is it the sage green?

    • Andrew

      Yes sir!

  • Ardit Malaj

    Interesting combo. What about the cologne? We all know women care a lot about our smell

  • Dimitri Nesbitt

    I like the overall concept of this look; effortless and effective. The only issue I have is that it feels rather top-heavy, even for a spring-inspired look.
    To balance it, I would suggest ditching the tie and loosening up those buttons a bit (without sacrificing semi-formality).Or, if the tie is a must, perhaps have it match the light shade of the shoes? The dark denim jacket just seems like it weighs down everything, so maybe even swapping it for a lightwash denim jacket would do the trick.
    Of course, fashion is subjective and ultimately an outfit is what one makes of it. Just throwin’ ideas out there (:

    • stu

      I disagree, the colors all compliment and the outfit looks polished

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