Live Action Getup: Holiday Shopping to Dinner Date to Holiday Party PLUS 50% Off on 3+ Items from Dockers®

Live Action Getup: Holiday Shopping to Dinner Date to Holiday Party PLUS 50% Off on 3+ Items from Dockers®
A well-dressed man is also a smart dresser. With a full day’s worth of holiday errands, get-togethers, and parties, a versatile look that segues from comfort to smart casual will curb the need for multiple costume changes.
Men's casual winter outfit

Sending a special thanks to Dockers® for teaming up with me on this post. Check out more about the brand and shop the looks I'm wearing here at®.

What is this?

Men's casual winter outfit

Right now Dockers® is offering 50% off 3 items or more with code “lastdash50”.

Five pocket twill pant

Chunky cable knit shawl collar sweater

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  • TM

    Just checked on the sweater on the Dockers website. They’re out of the medium size in grey. Bummer.

  • Caesar Merlin

    shaw neck sweaters dont really work on short guys

  • Troy Vaillancourt

    Any info on the watch?

  • browneagle44 ロベルト

    Sweater game is on point, as always.

  • Daniel

    Tried the Dockers pants. Not diggin’ the fit at all. Kinda bummed. I’ll have to try a different brand.

    • Dan

      did you try the dockers alpha athletic fit at all? I have 2 pairs of the pants in this article and I found that between the two colors they were lightly different fits but that may be due to some of slight differences in naming. I have always found the 5 pocket to be more of a slim straight. If the fit is too tight try the alpha athletic. They will also loosen up a tad over time, at least in my experience.

      • Daniel

        Cool man, thanks. I did pick up some dockers for work and I found the signature khaki in slim to be a perfect fit. The regular straight just had too much fabric. I’ll check out the athletic fit. Still on the search for a good casual alternative to denim.

  • Ross

    Great look Andrew! Not sure I care much for the Sweater simply because of the lack of button or toggle around the collar. Is there an alternative you can recommend that would include a front collar toggle or button closer? I feel that it gives a little more to the look.